The Renault Trucks T declared "Truck of the year in Spain"

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The Renault Trucks T declared "Truck of the year in Spain"

The Renault Trucks T has just been voted "Truck of the year in Spain". The award was made to Renault Trucks on the evening of Thursday 22 January by the Spanish magazine Transporte 3. The jury consisted of 50 managing directors representing the largest haulage companies in Spain.

The "Spanish Truck of the Year" crown for 2014 has been won by the Renault Trucks T. This prestigious award is organised every year by trade magazine Transporte 3. The jury, which consisted of 50 haulage industry specialists drawn from Spain’s largest companies in the sector, chose the Renault Trucks T by a large majority. Most of its members had been able to test drive the vehicle on the road last autumn during the various events set up by Renault Trucks Spain-Portugal in the Iberian peninsula.

This distinction is all the more notable since it has come from haulage professionals,” stated Bruno Blin, President of Renault Trucks. “It is totally in line with the excellent feedback we have had from our customers who have tried the vehicle or already incorporated it into their fleets. The award acknowledges the qualities of the Renault Trucks T and will, I am sure, encourage new customers to place their trust in Renault Trucks.

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