Solutions for protecting drivers

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Solutions for protecting drivers

To combat the theft of goods which sometimes involves physical violence, truck drivers must be able to protect themselves. Renault Trucks now offers them solutions for their security: a multi function alarm, an alert button, a door lock and a gas detector.

All truck drivers know that their profession can be dangerous. The goods they carry are highly coveted and sometimes, thieves are not afraid of using violence to get what they want. To protect them in the most efficient way possible, Renault Trucks offers drivers several different devices.

The first of these is a multifunction alarm. When someone tries to get into the truck by forcing the doors, the exterior trunks or by breaking a window, the alarm is set off and its siren emits a 90 dB signal up to 10 times for 30 seconds. The alarm is also set off if the vehicle is towed or the cab is tipped. Similarly, Renault Trucks has also made provisions for linking this alarm to the trailer and prevent any attempts at breaking in and stealing goods.

When in the cab or at the wheel, the driver has an alert button within easy reach on the dashboard that can be activated in the event of any potential danger. This button sets off the alarm and the flashing lights.

To make sure that drivers are protected as well as possible during their rest periods, Renault Trucks also offers a system of anti-intrusion mechanical locking called Doorlock. This system locks the door to the step handle, making it impossible to open the door from outside.

Finally, since gas attacks on drivers are becoming more common, Renault Trucks can also supply a gas detector. Connected to a 12 V/24 V outlet in the, it warns the driver in the event of any common asphyxiating gas being detected.

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