The Master by Renault Trucks in designer livery

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The Master by Renault Trucks in designer livery

Renault Trucks organised a graphic design competition in April, the object being to create stickers for its Master by Renault Trucks model. Entrants were invited to imagine original livery for these light commercial vehicles that will be in phase with the world of Renault Trucks. The winner was the submission from graphic designer Sylvie Singerlé, featuring a zip fastener which appears to open up the van's interior to reveal the diversity of activities covered by the range. This original design will soon be seen on an actual Master by Renault Trucks vehicle.

In April, Renault Trucks organised a competition, inviting entrants to create an original livery for its light commercial vehicles that reflected the world of the Master by Renault Trucks. Out of the 22 projects submitted, the members of the jury, made up of managers from Renault Trucks and ATC, the company which will actually produce the stickers, selected the design by Sylvie Singerlé. Her idea was considered to be the one closest to the spirit of the Master by Renault Trucks and the world of its customers.

Sylvie Singerlé’s design, featuring a zip fastener on the sides of the vehicle won particular attention from the jury. The visual identity she has imagined makes the Master by Renault Trucks immediately identifiable. "The zip fastener symbolises an opening onto the different activities which call for the use of a Master by Renault Trucks," explains the designer. "I really enjoyed working on the subject of trucks. It was a real challenge for me," she adds.

During the award ceremony on Monday 27 May at the Renault Trucks Lyon site, the winner was presented with an iMac 21.5 inch computer and was able to see her creation actually applied to a Master by Renault Trucks vehicle, specially prepared for the event.

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