Customers adopt Optifleet

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Customers adopt Optifleet

Optifleet, the on-board IT solution developed by Renault Trucks, is winning over large numbers of customers. The easy to use Optifleet tool helps users make decisions, monitor and manage their operations - making it a "must have" for haulage company directors, operators, fleet managers and drivers.

To meet hauliers' growing fleet management needs, Renault Trucks offers its customers the possibility of equipping their vehicles with Optifleet, its on-board IT solution. Customers who have adopted this monitoring and fleet management tool which also provides real-time decision making assistance assert that, for them, it has become indispensable.

At the end of 2012, after three months of tests, Fanny Heimst, maintenance manager for a fleet of 200 vehicles with SITA Nord, was won over by Optifleet's performance and ease of use. The company therefore decided to install Optifleet on all its vehicles. "For us, Diesel accounts for 60% of our operating costs per kilometre," she explains. "It therefore gives us powerful leverage". From the outset, the company involved all its drivers: "We invited the drivers' trade unions to join in our discussions and selected a number of benchmark drivers," she continues. "It was important to make sure the tool would be accepted by everybody and that its reliability would not be called into question." After deployment, the company recorded savings of up to 6 L per 100 km. "SITA is currently carrying out a survey with the aim of extending the use of Optifleet to the entire northern region, and subsequently to the whole of France," concludes Fanny Heimst.

"Optifleet is a reliable and accurate tool which helps us monitor our fleet," explains Mathieu Tschupp, managing director of TCP Distribution (Aube). "Thanks to its geolocation feature, operators know the exact position of every vehicle, which makes it much easier for them to optimise assignment allocation." Furthermore, "It helps us in our interaction with drivers and enables us to improve their driving by showing them, for example, that they can consume less by limiting the number of times they use the brake pedal, one of the indicators that Optifleet supplies," he adds.

An Optifleet pilot customer for several years, Xavier Roux, logistics manager for Le Gouessant in the Armor region, has installed Optifleet on 30 trucks in the company’s 40 vehicle fleet. "We now know where our trucks are in real time," he says. "Furthermore, the results are very positive in terms of fuel savings and operating costs." But for the system to work, drivers have to be involved: "Optifleet is also a tool for drivers."

These are results that Paul Thénot, manager of the Transports T haulage firm, based in the Meuse region, has also observed: "Our first vehicles were equipped in August 2012 and since then, we have saved one or two litres per 100 km."

Optifleet in practical terms

Optifleet makes it possible to localise a vehicle or fleet of vehicles, to communicate with drivers, easily download technical and social data, consult drivers' driving and resting time and also analyse their performance as well as the vehicle's fuel consumption. The aim is to improve the fleet's productivity and reduce its operating costs.

In practical terms, Optifleet combines an electronic calculator installed in the vehicle, a telecommunications system for transferring data and a website where all the information is available for consultation.

The Optifleet offering is made up of four modules:
- The check module makes available technical information about the vehicle, particularly with the aim of reducing fuel consumption.
- The drive module makes it possible to consult information about driving time and to remotely download data from the drivers' cards and the tachograph's memory. 
- The map module provides real-time geolocation. 
- The link module gives access to a messaging service which links customers to their base. 

Renault Trucks offers an all-inclusive subscription of €15 per month per module and per vehicle when at least two modules are chosen, without any compulsory time commitment.

Optifleet is available in France, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. 

It is currently being deployed in the United Kingdom, Spain, Ukraine, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

With its two Optifleet and Optifuel Infomax complementary offerings, Renault Trucks is the only manufacturer to offer its customers a range of tools for measuring, analysing and monitoring consumption which is individually adapted for each one of them. These tools make it possible for all sizes of organization - from SMEs to large companies with extensive fleets - to reduce their fuel consumption. Furthermore, they can be adapted to all kinds of activities, whether in the construction, distribution or long distance haulage fields.

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