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New Renault Trucks range launch wins four awards

Renault Trucks and the Auditoire agency won four awards for the show put on to launch the manufacturer’s new range of vehicles organised in Lyon on 11 and 12 June 2013. The two partners received three European Best Event Awards and a Grand Prix presented by the specialist trade magazine Stratégies.

The unmissable B2B event of 2013, the launch of the new Renault Trucks range on 11 and 12 June in Lyon left an indelible memory on the thousands of people who attended the event or followed its live broadcast online. Six months later, Renault Trucks and the Auditoire agency (TBWA group) were presented with four awards honouring this event.

On 26 November, the members of the European Best Event Awards presented three prizes to Renault Trucks and Auditoire: the 1st prize in the “Best presentation” category, the 2nd prize in the “Best corporate in-house/convention event” category and the 3rd prize in the “Best performance” category.

On 4 December, it was the turn of marketing and communications specialists’ trade magazine Stratégies when, during its “Stratégies Communication Grand Prix” awards ceremony, it presented a Grand Prix in its “Communications Strategies/B2B Event-led Communication” category to Renault Trucks and Auditoire.

“These prizes are excellent rewards for all the teams who worked for so many months on the project,” stressed Stéphane Parisot, the Renault Trucks new range launch project manager. “This event will long be remembered in the history of Renault Trucks. It represents a very powerful human adventure for Renault Trucks and the Auditoire agency which worked on it with us. That it should be recognised today by event-led communications professionals is a tribute to us all.”

The launch of the new Renault Trucks range in figures

- 10,000 guests
- 94 trucks presented
- 12 km of set construction
- 10 cameras
- 5,000 spotlights
- 230 artists
- 300 volunteers

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