Renault Trucks' customer magazine now available on the iPad with Adobe

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Renault Trucks' customer magazine now available on the iPad with Adobe

With a circulation of 200,000 and published in over 100 countries, Optimum Magazine, Renault Trucks' customer magazine dedicated to the transport industry, is now available free of charge in a digital version at the App Store. This new application offers an enhanced magazine format, in 18 different languages, with a good deal of interactive content: 360° interior and exterior views of vehicles, a gyroscopic navigation function, slideshows, animation displays and videos.

Renault Trucks is rolling out an interactive version of its Optimum Magazine, aimed at an audience of transportation professionals. The publication can now be downloaded at no cost from the App Store. This digital version has completely redesigned the reading experience to take full advantage of the possibilities provided by the touch screen on a tablet.

The Optimum Magazine application features extensive content, including 360° interior and exterior views of the cab, to help discover the various models and levels of finishing found on the company's new line of vehicles. The user is now able to visualise the whole truck by rotating the perspective or zooming in on selected details. Whether the user is a customer, a driver or simple aficionado, all the latest models hold no more secrets thanks to this breakthrough application.

For total immersion in Renault Trucks' newest line of vehicles, the iPad application also proposes a gyroscopic view of the cab interior, whereby the user navigates the camera through the truck, in holding and manoeuvring the iPad as if he were actually inside the cab.

To further enhance the magazine's appeal, this digital version incorporates many additional videos illustrating the content in articles through an entertaining format.

Accessible at all times, the Optimum Magazine application effectively complements the information offered in the magazine's print version.

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