A truck : a centre of profit from the very first kilometre thanks to the vehicle delivery specialists

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A truck : a centre of profit from the very first kilometre thanks to the vehicle delivery specialists

Ever since the position was created more than 10 years ago, the Renault Trucks “Vehicle Delivery Specialists” (VDS) have played a vital role. The most important intermediaries between the seller and customers, they are responsible for presenting the keys to the vehicle and conducting the handover. Trained on the new range, they strengthen the relationship with customers, allowing them to make their trucks a centre of profit the moment they take to the road.

Renault Trucks is the only manufacturer in France to offer a personalised handover when it delivers its vehicles. The manufacturer has a network of 160 Vehicle Delivery Specialists (VDS) covering the entire country.

The Renault Trucks VDS team undergoes regular training: every one of them follows a two day training programme at least once a year to bring them up to date on the vehicles’ latest features as well as instruction in economic driving. This programme can include an official Optifuel Academy training course which qualifies VDS personnel to offer and conduct a two hour instruction programme in economic driving during the handover. There are currently some 50 members of the VDS team who have obtained the Optifuel Academy qualification. For the new Renault Trucks range, members of the VDS team have all followed a specific 2.5 days training course. Loïc Arnal, driving and maintenance instructor at Renault Trucks France Training was in charge of this programme: “The VDS play a key role in making sure customers get the most out of operating their vehicles, particularly the new range. It is absolutely essential for these specialists to have a full command of our vehicles’ new technologies so that future drivers can also become specialists in operating their working tools.”

The aim is quite clear: at the end of the handover procedure, customers must be able to fully exploit their trucks’ capacities and the tools they are provided with to reduce fuel consumption so that their trucks can be a centre of profit as soon as they take to the road. To achieve this, the VDS takes the time to give customers a detailed presentation of the vehicle, explaining and demonstrating the various technologies according to a step-by-step process which is standardised throughout the whole of France. Once the handover has been completed, the VDS collects all the necessary information from the customer to draw up a personalised vehicle maintenance and servicing plan.

Halfway between fulfilling a sales function and aftersales, the Vehicle Delivery Specialists contribute to achieving the manufacturer’s goal of providing flawless service quality. Renault Trucks is constantly training more and more people to join the ranks of the VDS team. First introduced in France, this approach is also being developed in Italy and is gradually being extended to other European countries.

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