New Renault Trucks Range: body mounting time cut by up to 20 %

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New Renault Trucks Range: body mounting time cut by up to 20 %

With their new tools specifically designed for body builders, a highly modular approach to chassis design and provisions made for many different configurations, the vehicles in the new Renault Trucks range can bring body mounting time down by as much as 20%, thereby speeding up vehicle deliveries.

To make trucks a profit centre, Renault Trucks has optimised all its services from truck design right through to aftersales so as to provide customers with greater dependability and profitability. In its work on the chassis cab unit, Renault Trucks has made sure that it can be combined with the widest possible range of bodywork which can then be mounted onto the chassis as easily as possible.

Right from the design stage, Renault Trucks has developed an architecture which takes body builders’ concerns into account. Body builders can also consult a dedicated Internet site, the Bodybuilder Portal, which can be accessed from the site. This allows them to configure the vehicle in question via its identification number, get details of the chassis’ customised plan, the body mounting guide, the manufacturing and delivery schedule as well as the homologation paperwork. Body builders can also access an online e-learning module to become familiar with the new ranges and all the body mounting possibilities and provisions they offer.

In the end, all these services add up to reducing body mounting operations by as much as 20%, give body builders a greater degree of independence and reduce any risk of error.

Vehicles in the D (Distribution) range also offer a number of body mounting provisions to meet the specific needs of customers’ various activities in the fields of distribution, the environment, emergency rescue and fire fighting. Among its many features, the Distribution range can offer provisions for installing an elevator tailgate, a tanker body or equipment for refrigerated or temperature controlled transport.

As for the C and K (Construction) ranges, they offer a chassis with provisions for mounting a cement mixer, a tipper, a platform crane, a concrete pump or a boom arm crane. Body mounting is made easier by the disc brakes, fitted as standard on the C range and available as an option on the K range. Vehicles in the C, K and D ranges can also be supplied with electrical and mechanical provisions for mounting cranes.
The chassis can be virtually supplied to order, with a large range of wheelbase lengths incremented by 200 to 400 mm steps for the C and K ranges and 300 mm for the D range. This reduces, or even eliminates the need for body builders to shorten side members since the overhang length on the T, C and K ranges can be predetermined to within 50 mm. This makes it much easier to fit an underrun bar, a crane or an elevator tailgate.

To increase its models’ modular flexibility, Renault Trucks can fit the fuel tanks on its C and K ranges at two different heights and provide them in two different types of material: steel for greater resilience and aluminium to increase the vehicle’s payload capacity. The tanks can also be fitted on the left or right of the vehicle on the C, K and D ranges. 

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