Solutrans: the latest from Renault Trucks

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Solutrans: the latest from Renault Trucks

At the Solutrans trade fair to be held from 19-23 November in Lyon, Renault Trucks will be presenting its new Euro 6 range of vehicles, along with the company's renowned expertise in haulage solutions. By combining efficiency and profitability, this new range will be showcasing not only the T, C, K and D models, but a new model will be rolled out as well: the 2m cab "D" version. The French manufacturer, based in Lyon for over a century, will occupy 1,300 m² of display area in exhibition hall 4.2 and offer its customers test drives.

Designed and developed in close collaboration with some 50 international customers, this new Renault Trucks range provides the perfect tools for customers to complete their assignments successfully. For Renault Trucks, the vehicle must be a profit center that never disappoints its user while instilling pride in Renault Trucks drivers and protecting their business. To achieve these goals, the company now offers a completely revamped range of vehicles for long-haul, construction and distribution applications.

This latest range features a brand new addition, the Renault Trucks' 2m cab "D", which is being commercially launched to coincide with Solutrans. This vehicle can handle loads from 3.5 to 7.5 tonnes; it incorporates a DTI 3 Euro 6, 150-to-180 hp engine and a six-speed transmission, manual or automated (on the 7.5t model).

The 2-meter "D" model cab and the whole range of vehicles will be highlighted during the Solutrans fair to be held at Lyon's Eurexpo venue. Renault Trucks serves to some extent as the "regional host" since the French manufacturer has been located in Lyon for more than 100 years. This show sets the stage for the entire distribution network to invite customers and introduce them to our new range in all its diversity.

In promoting efficiency, robustness and profitability, Renault Trucks' new range has given rise to a close collaboration with bodywork specialists. Visitors to the fair will discover many vehicles from the company's new range when visiting the various body builders’ stands, where chassis mountings customized and adapted to all sectors of activity will be on display.

Renault Trucks' vehicles are designed to accommodate all types of bodywork and streamline body mounting. Standard pre-drilling, along with the absence of any protrusions above the frame or any rivets on the upper surface, makes body builders’ work easier and expands their mounting options. The vehicles are also pre-equipped to accommodate bodywork specific boxes and switches, including a new dedicated module. Furthermore, Renault Trucks supplies these professionals with chassis diagrams that correspond to the exact layout of the vehicle ordered, plus a specific website providing a useful assistance service.

Renault Trucks' new range goes hand in hand with high-performance services that provide customers with state-of-the-art cost control. With its Optifuel Solutions application, a set of tools and services designed to drive down consumption and its Optifleet fleet management solution, Renault Trucks offers them easily implemented tools which deliver immediate and long-lasting results. With its extensive selection of financing, insurance and maintenance contract offers, Renault Trucks also provides customers with the means of controlling their budget and ensuring maximum mobility for their vehicles.
Apart from the Master and Maxity, which are not required to comply with the Euro 6 Standard, all the vehicles displayed on the Renault Trucks stand will be new models. Moreover, there will be one of the latest Renault Trucks' "T" cabs on display in cross-section, giving visitors an opportunity to get an “inside view” so that they can fully appreciate all the cab’s finer points.

List of the vehicles on display at the fair:

Long-Haul range
- Renault Trucks "T" Sleeper Cab 460 (4 x 2 tractor)

Construction range
- Renault Trucks "C" 460 8 x 4 with an Ampliroll (Miltra) lift system body

Heavy Construction range
- Renault Trucks "K" 520 8 x 4 with a tipper (CIF)

Distribution range
- Renault Trucks "D" WIDE 2.3m cab, 26t, 6 x 2 with a refrigeration unit (Frappa)
- Renault Trucks "D" 2.1m cab, 12t 4 x 2 van (Renault)
- Renault Trucks "D" 2m cab, 7.5t authorised GVW
- Maxity 3.5t, 140 hp
- Master van, 3.5t, 125 hp

Renault Trucks will be welcoming visitors to its 1,300 m² stand set up in exhibition space 4.2 at Lyon's Eurexpo Convention Center, from 19-23 November.

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