The 24h Truck Racing event in the colours of the Renault Trucks T

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The 24h Truck Racing event in the colours of the Renault Trucks T

To mark the final meeting of the 2013 Truck Racing season on 12 and 13 October on the Bugatti track at Le Mans, Renault Trucks will be officially launching sales of its new T range in France. The spectators and the 3,000 customers invited by the manufacturer and its network of dealers will be invited to get their first view of the new Renault Trucks T via a display of 80 vehicles and several attractions.

The 2013 Truck Racing season will come to a close on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October on the legendary Bugatti track at Le Mans. Renault Trucks will be taking advantage of this world-class truck focused event to officially launch its new range of Long Distance vehicles on the French market. This will involve 80 Renault Trucks T vehicles in Sleeper Cab and High Sleeper Cab versions being displayed around and inside the track where several different types of attraction will be available to the general public.

The MMArena stadium has been entirely taken over for an unprecedented display in France of 80 range T vehicles. These will be used by Renault Trucks network dealers in France to present the new range to their customers, while the stadium’s function rooms will welcome the 3,000 customers invited by the Renault Trucks network. After this weekend, the Vehicle Delivery Specialists will take over and drive the new vehicles away. 

On the track site, the manufacturer has set up a whole workshop. Visitors will be able to climb aboard the Renault Trucks T vehicles to get a first-hand impression of their interior design and new functionalities. They will then be able to explore an exhibition area tracing the origins of the new Renault Trucks range, which in particular features a gallery of drawings showing how the design of the Renault Trucks T evolved, an 13 L Euro 6 engine as well as the cross-section of a cab which visitors will be able to walk through.

On the track itself, the Renault Trucks - MKR Technology team will be defending their place in the European Truck Racing Championships. On the Saturday evening, five Renault Trucks Ts will lead the traditional parade of decorated trucks on the straight in front of the stands.

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