Two Maxity electrics at Toulouse

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Two Maxity electrics at Toulouse

Logistics and transport company Rives-Dicostanzo has just taken delivery of two Maxity Electrics, the Renault Trucks all-electric vehicles. Designed to be used for distribution activities in the centre of Toulouse on manufacturing sites, these two Maxitys are driven by a 400 V, 47 kW asynchronous electric motor and have an operating range of 100 km.

Since last June, the inhabitants of Toulouse have become familiar with seeing two Maxity Electrics boasting the Transport Rives-Dicostanzo livery operating in their town. The vehicles have just joined the company’s fleet, much to the satisfaction of Daniel Huc, in charge of resources at Transports Rives-Dicostanzo, who explains this choice: "We chose these Maxity Electrics because restrictions on vehicles with internal combustion engines in the town centre are becoming increasingly stringent. Furthermore, our company has signed the CO2 charter and these vehicles are perfectly in line with our initiative to collectively reduce our CO2 emissions."

Before choosing the Maxity Electric, the company examined solutions offered by various different manufacturers: "The Renault Trucks solution with the Maxity Electric was the most in line with our needs." A one-week test with a vehicle loaned by the manufacturer convinced the company managers that this was the right solution and that they should acquire two of them.

Joining the 200 vehicles in the Transports Rives-Dicostanzo fleet (40% of which are Renault Trucks), the two Maxity Electrics will carry out local distribution assignments in the centre of Toulouse and at manufacturing sites. "These vehicles will be used for local deliveries," stresses Daniel Huc. "The 100 km operating range is therefore suitable for our needs and the batteries will be recharged overnight in the workshop, when nothing else is going on."

Exclusive to Renault Trucks, the Maxity Electric is fitted with an asynchronous electric motor requiring little maintenance compared to an internal combustion engine with a similar power rating. It is supplied by latest generation lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged in seven hours for a cost of approximately 2 euros a day. Currently, the batteries are designed to give the Maxity Electric an operating range of around 100 km on a full charge. Renault Trucks has gained a considerable amount of experience with the Maxity Electric. Since it first became available in 2011, all the vehicles on the road have covered a total of more than 150,000 km. Via all the applications it has been used for (owner driver, parcels services, local authorities and even a library bus, etc.), the Maxity Electric has clearly demonstrated its versatility and reliability for a variety of urban activities.

Renault Trucks will soon be offering the Maxity Electric with new options which will make it easier to fit boom lifts, refrigerated bodies or refuse collection tippers.

About Rives-Dicostanzo
Founded in the 19th century, Rives-Dicostanzo is one of the longest established removal companies in the South West of France. Since 2004, driven by the commitment of Christophe and François Dicostanzo, it has expanded into other fields, particularly logistics services, as well as extending its geographical coverage. Rives-Dicostanzo currently has some 10 sites distributed throughout the South of France and the Paris region. The company is improving its offering for all its activities - removals, logistics and transport - by incorporating added values that enable it to provide specific solutions for each customer. This commercial vision is accompanied by quality, safety and environmental initiatives which have earned it ISO 9001 certification. The company is now moving towards ISO 14001certification and has already signed the CO2 charter, while at the same time taking into consideration the societal implications of its activity.
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