The new Renault Trucks range continues its development with European logistics firm STEF

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The new Renault Trucks range continues its development with European logistics firm STEF

Renault Trucks set up a series of stringent tests to make sure that its new range would achieve the best possible performance and flawless reliability. These trials have been going on since 2012 with 50 international customers under actual operating conditions. The European logistics and refrigerated transport specialist STEF has added the first Renault Trucks T Euro 6 vehicle in France to its fleet where it continues to be operated successfully.

The manufacturer deployed considerable means to developing its new range, enabling it to offer customers vehicles with an extremely high level of reliability. These new trucks, characterised by their efficient design and equipped with Euro 6 engines, have been subject to stringent quality tests over the past seven years, including computerised simulations, test bench, test track and road trials. Development was also carried out in partnership with pilot customers and manufacturing resources were significantly upgraded. These vehicles are now ready to be delivered with one purpose in mind: to help customers keep their costs under control.

Renault Trucks is still working with a number of customers to develop this new range even further. In France, a Renault Trucks T 430 equipped with a DTI 11 engine (Euro 6) has been delivered to STEF with the aim of benefiting from the haulier's expertise in economic driving during its day-to-day operations. This will provide valuable input and enable the vehicle to continue being improved over the next few years. The truck is now being operated by STEF Transport Nantes for all types of refrigerated transport assignments to deliver fresh, ultra-fresh and frozen agro food products on delivery rounds in the Loire-Atlantique (44) and surrounding départements as well as for inter-site traction operations.

Jean-Marc Bruère, Executive vice president for transport at STEF states: "STEF is a pioneering player for its commitment to taking it sustainable development into account. With our entire fleet devoted to distribution Euro 5 compliant, the Group now has a "clean" fleet according to current market definitions. With the trials being carried out together with our long-standing partner Renault Trucks, STEF is fully playing its role as a pioneer by being an early adopter of the Euro 6 standard." 

Jean-Philippe Rioux, Training Manager for STEF transport in the Loire region states: "For STEF, contributing to the development of the Renault Trucks T is important. After more than 2,000 km of tests, its mechanical performance is already extremely positive. The tractor gives driving greater flexibility that is also more accurate and more pleasant. The electronic architecture (on-board computer and driver data) which in particular offers data memorisation, is a genuinely new feature. Finally, the Renault Trucks teams have done a really thorough job in terms of ergonomics and safety. The cab - with its optimised access - has a contemporary design and offers a comfortable and high-quality working environment."

The STEF fleet: high-performance and environmentally friendly
The tractor replacement plan, combined with an eco-driving training programme reduced the haulier's fuel consumption by 3.6% between 2010 and 2012 operating vehicles from the current Renault Trucks range.   

Eco-driving is a compulsory module in its drivers training: 
•    2012: over 1,000 drivers trained
•    30 permanently employed eco-driving instructors

About STEF
STEF is the European specialist in controlled temperature logistics for all agro-food and heat sensitive products devoted to creating a secure link between producers and sales outlets. The Group carries out and combines all types of transport, logistics and Information systems for every kind of controlled temperature flows (from -25°C to +18°C). The Group is present in 8 European countries (Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom and Switzerland) as well as in Tunisia. It has a workforce of 14,500 and specific technical resources: 21 platforms or depots and over 4000 rigs, half of which are fully owned by the company. On 31 December 2012, STEF had recorded an annual income of €2502.3 million.

About Renault Trucks
Driven by the enthusiasm, experience and determination of its 14,000 strong workforce, as well as its presence in more than 100 countries with 1,500 sales and service outlets, Renault Trucks is a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer. Designer, producer and distributor of commercial vehicles and LCVs from 2.7 to 60 t, Renault Trucks is constantly committed to putting the prestige back into road transport, a noble profession without which society could not survive.

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