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Renault Trucks offers a free Optifleet trial with its new range

For Renault Trucks, service is an integral part of a truck. To mark the launch of its new range, the manufacturer is now offering customers a free trial of Optifleet, its fleet management solution which enables customers to make their operations more cost efficient. Optifleet will be activated upon request on the Renault Truck T, C and K with DTI 11 and DTI 13 engines ordered before 31 December 2013 for a period of five months.

In parallel with the launch of its new range, Renault Trucks is offering customers a free trial period of Optifleet, its fleet management solution. This enables customers to grow their operation's profitability and save as much as €5,000 per year per vehicle. All the new vehicles have provisions for installing the solution and the Renault Trucks T, C and K with DTI 11 and DTI 13 engines ordered before 31 December 2013 will be able to benefit from this five month free trial offer (excluding the link module).

Optifleet makes it possible for operators to localise a single vehicle or a whole fleet of vehicles, communicate with drivers, easily download technical and social data, consult drivers' work patterns and also analyse drivers' performance and their vehicles' consumption. The aim is to improve fleet productivity and reduce their operating costs.
In practical terms, Optifleet combines an electronic calculator installed in the vehicle, a telecommunications system for transferring data and a website where all the information is available for consultation.

The Optifleet offering is made up of four modules:
- The check module makes available technical information about the vehicle, particularly with the aim of reducing fuel consumption.
- The drive module makes it possible to consult information about driving time and to remotely download data from the drivers' cards and the tachograph's memory. 
- The map module provides real-time geolocation. 
- The link module gives access to a messaging service which links customers to their base. 

Optifleet is available throughout Europe.

With its two Optifleet and Optifuel Infomax complementary offerings, Renault Trucks is the only manufacturer to offer its customers a range of tools for measuring, analysing and monitoring consumption which is individually adapted for each one of them. These tools make it possible for all sizes of organization - from SMEs to large companies with extensive fleets - to reduce their fuel consumption. Furthermore, they can be adapted to all kinds of activities, whether in the construction, distribution or long distance haulage fields.

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