Optifuel special edition used trucks: a rational and efficient investment

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Optifuel special edition used trucks: a rational and efficient investment

After its Premium Long Distance and Magnum Selection edition, Renault Trucks is now giving customers a wider choice by adding an Optifuel special edition to its used vehicle offering. Benefiting from all the expertise and experience Renault Trucks has in the field of saving fuel, this offer is available on Premium Long Distance Euro V vehicles, enabling users to benefit from improved performance while at the same time keeping operating costs under control.

Renault Trucks is complementing its offering of used trucks with an Optifuel special edition. Available on the Premium Long Distance Euro V, the specific Optifuel enhancement makes it possible to reduce consumption by as much as 6% compared with Euro IV vehicles. This special edition is equipped with a Soft Cruise Control speed regulator, automatic engine cutout and power off mode. The Optifuel special edition is also fitted with adjustable roof deflectors and complies with EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) standards to meet the latest environmental requirements currently in force, allowing hauliers to benefit from an eco-tax bonus.

The Selection label is also available for the Optifuel special edition on vehicles with less than 480,000 km on the clock, checked and approved by the manufacturer. They also benefit from a one-year warranty covering the powertrain (or 120,000 km).

2013 will also be the year in which used vehicles with Euro V engines come onto the market: these are more cost efficient vehicles with lower maintenance costs, higher payloads, optimised journey times and controlled consumption. The Premium Long Distance Euro V offers new power ratings compared with the Euro IV (380, 430 and 460 hp) and torque increased to 2,200 Nm.

Designed to deliver the lowest fuel consumption levels while preserving pickup, the DXi 11 engine, combined with the Optidriver+ robotised gearbox, automatic engine cutout, Cruise Control and the controlled cooling liquid pump all make it possible to reduce average fuel consumption by 3% compared with a Euro IV vehicle.

Finally, Optifuel Solutions, developed by Renault Trucks to help hauliers reduce their fuel consumption, is now available on used trucks. The Optifuel special edition can therefore be equipped with Optifuel Infomax software to keep track of fuel consumptionand analyse it. Drivers can also be instructed in rational driving with the Optifuel Training programme designed to achieve sustainable fuel savings.

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