OptiTrack's performance impresses customers

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OptiTrack's performance impresses customers

Available since April 2010 on the Premium Lander, the Renault Trucks OptiTrack system delivers the possibility of having extra pulling power when it is really needed. Using hydraulic motors placed in the front axle, the vehicle is able to get out of difficult situations, while at the same time maintaining all the comfort, payload and low consumption of a regular on-road vehicle. OptiTrack's ease of use and its performance are distinct advantages that customers have now come to acknowledged and appreciate.

Launched in 2010 on the Renault Premium Lander 4 x 2 tractor, the OptiTrack system is now available on 4 x 2, 6 x 2 and 6 x 4 rigids as well as on 6 x 4 and 4 x 2 tractors. By simply pressing a button on the dashboard, this system temporarily provides additional pulling power supplied by two hydraulic motors fitted into the hubs of the front wheels. Coupled to the Optidriver+ gearbox, OptiTrack is available in both forward and reverse from 0 kph. It automatically disconnects when speed exceeds 25 kph.

"By opting for this system, I was particularly thinking about my drivers' comfort," explains Stéphane Pouzols, director of SLTP, a company operating two Premium Lander 4 x 2 rigids with OptiTrack on milk collection and delivery rounds in the Haute-Loire region, often at high altitudes. "All they have to do is press a button to get themselves out of difficult situations, invariably without even having to leave their vehicle. For example, in the snow when otherwise they would have to get out and put on chains. Furthermore, my OptiTrack vehicles consume much less fuel, and I know that because I also have a 4x4 and I can see the difference!"

Over the last three years, sales of Renault Trucks OptiTrack vehicles have been steadily climbing - and earning accolades from customers. This system gives them a vehicle able to get out of difficult situations while having the same payload and consumption as a regular on-road vehicle. They are all delighted with its efficiency, comfort and above all, its simplicity of use.

The Renault Trucks Construction range is made up of the Renault Premium Lander, a vehicle featuring outstanding payload capacity and comfort for construction site supply applications, the Renault Kerax, offering maximum pulling power and ruggedness for the toughest work and the Renault Midlum 4x4, a small, 16 t worksite truck, well-known for its manoeuvrability. In 2012 and 2013, the Renault Trucks Construction range was expanded by the addition of the Premium Lander Tridem 8 x 4*4 with a liftable steering axle at the rear for easier manoeuvring and four new Premium Lander OptiTrack configurations (4 x 2, 6 x 2 and 6 x 4 rigids and a 6 x 4 tractor). The Kerax range has also been enlarged by the addition of an 8 x 8 configuration, the Kerax XTREM, to meet the most extreme demands for pulling power. This vehicle is also available with the Kerax Adventure kit as well as with 24 inch wheels while still being authorised to travel on open roads.

The Renault Trucks Construction range also benefits from the advantages of Optifuel Solutions, offering technological tools and services geared to the demanding conditions encountered when driving worksite vehicles and designed to sustainably reduce fuel consumption, Renault Trucks has also set up a new seasonal financing offering which enables customers to spread costs to reflect how intensely they use their vehicles.

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