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Renault Trucks organises a graphic art competition for art school students

Renault Trucks is organising a competition open to art and graphics school students in the Rhône-Alpes region for the design of stickers for its Master by Renault Trucks vehicle. The students are asked to imagine original decoration for the LCVs appropriate for the world of Renault Trucks. The chosen project will then be applied to a Master by Renault Trucks.

Renault Trucks is organising a competition open to art, graphics and computer graphics students in the Lyon region. The aim is to imagine an original visual design to decorate the bodywork of Master by Renault Trucks LCVs. 

The project has been submitted to the Condé school in Lyon, the Studio M Lyon, the Bellecour Art School, the Presqu’île School, the EDAIC Lyon, E‑artsup, Lyon, the Lyon National Higher Fine Arts School, the Martinière-Diderot Lycée and the Émile-Cohl School in Lyon. Some of these have chosen to include it in their course plan, while others have passed the information on to their students.

"The theme of the competition is largely open, we just want students to take into consideration the context in which LCVs are used and the broad range of professionals who use them. By only setting a few conditions, we hope to give our students' imagination a free rein and be surprised by the ideas they put forward," stresses Antoine Gaillard, Head of LCV vehicle Marketing at Renault Trucks France.

The students' projects must be submitted by 10 May at the latest. They selected visual will then be produced full-size by the company ATC and applied to a Master by Renault Trucks in van configuration. The competition winner will also be presented with a 21.5 inch iMac computer.

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