A Stop and Start on the Master by Renault Trucks

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A Stop and Start on the Master by Renault Trucks

For Renault Trucks, constantly striving to drive down vehicle fuel consumption is one of its major priorities. From 18 March 2013, an engine standby system is available on a selection of Master by Renault Trucks vehicles. This Stop & Start system enables operators to reduce their fuel consumption by 5%

The Stop & Start system for putting the engine on standby has been available as an option on selected Master by Renault Trucks vehicles since 18 March 2013. This system makes it possible to cut fuel consumption by 5% as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and noise levels.

The system puts the engine on standby when the vehicle is stationary (at traffic lights or a stop sign, when in neutral, etc.). The driver is informed when the engine is in standby mode by an indicator light on the dashboard. As soon as the clutch pedal is pressed or the first gear engaged, the engine starts up almost immediately, without the driver being required to do anything else.

The Start & Start system generates neither vibrations nor noise and requires no particular maintenance. In Stop mode, the radio and navigation systems continue to operate normally. Suitable for all kinds of haulage and delivery activities, the Stop & Start system can be de-activated if the need should arise.

The Stop & Start system is available on front wheel drive Vans fitted with 100 and 120 hp engines and manual gearboxes, on front wheel drive Combi Vans fitted with 100 and 125 hp engines and manual gearboxes as well as on rearwheel drive Vans with single wheels fitted with 125 hp engines and manual gearboxes.

The Master by Renault Trucks can carry just about anything: with a GVW of between 2.8 t and 4.5 t in van, chassis cab and crew cab versions, as well as in bus and platform cab configurations, a choice of frontwheel or rearwheel drive with single or twin wheels is available. Usable volume can be as much as 17 m³ for the vans with a payload of up to 2,254 kg for the van and 2,529 kg for the chassis cab version.

Thanks to its experience in the field of instruction in rational driving for HGV drivers, Renault Trucks complements its Optifuel Training offering with an instruction program adapted for drivers of LCVs.

Combined with the latest technical improvements to the Master, this training makes it possible to save fuel consumption by up to 10% when operating in urban environments.

Because an LCV is not just a vehicle but a genuine working tool, Renault Trucks makes a commitment to professionals with the support of its sales and servicing network, particularly via its Fast&Pro badged centres. The aim is not only to ensure LCV users that their vehicles will be serviced with a minimum of downtime, but also that they will have a clear indication of the costs involved and all of it with the quality of a service provided by professionals for professionals.

The Renault Trucks service quality is also demonstrated by the Start&Drive servicing contracts and Expandys warranty extensions that the manufacturer offers.

Finally, because there are times when professionals need a vehicle as quickly as possible, Renault Trucks offers a range of ready bodied factory assembled Maxity or Master by Renault Trucks vehicles. These are predefined vehicles for specific purposes in particular fields.

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