In 2012, despite a difficult economic climate, Renault Trucks holds its ground and prepares for the future

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In 2012, despite a difficult economic climate, Renault Trucks holds its ground and prepares for the future

Renault Trucks maintained its market share in 2012, even though the economic context was not very favourable. Total sales worldwide reached 51,486 vehicles.
In 2012, Renault Trucks made it clear that customers were its core concern by launching a number of dynamic initiatives to develop new financing and aftersales offerings that would help them in the current climate. With the same determination, Renault Trucks also pursued its commitment to reducing fuel consumption, enabling its customers to cut their operating costs even further. A pioneer and leader in this field, the manufacturer extended the scope of its dedicated tools and services (Optifuel Solutions), consolidated its all-electric, hybrid and natural gas powered vehicle offering, as well as developing applications for smartphones to help customers make the most of these new possibilities.
Finally, 2013 will certainly be a historic year for Renault Trucks, as it strengthens its stance with the renewal of all its ranges.


About Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks, the second largest brand in the Volvo Group
In 2012, the Volvo Group's truck business, which includes the Renault Trucks, Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks, UD Trucks and Eicher brands, accounted for 65% of its income. Renault Trucks is ranked second in the Group in terms of the number of vehicles sold.
A few weeks ago, the Volvo Group signed an agreement with the Chinese manufacturer   Dongfeng Motor Group Limited and announced its ambition to become the world's leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles. 

A new management for Renault Trucks
At the end of the year, Bruno Blin was appointed President of Renault Trucks and Marc Martinez was made the Managing Director of Renault Trucks France. Both of them took up their new positions on 1 January 2013.

Economic and social situation
Renault Trucks is a French company producing its trucks in France which makes a particular effort to preserve jobs. Renault Trucks employs a workforce of 10,000 in France and manufactures its vehicles at four production plants, in Lyon (Rhône), Bourg-en-Bresse (Ain), Blainville-sur-Orne (Calvados) and Limoges (Haute-Vienne). Renault Trucks is active in over 100 countries via 1,600 sales and service outlets.
The current situation in the truck market resulted in the company having to implement short time working during the first quarter of 2013, so as to adapt production output to the low demand, while at the same time safeguarding jobs. The short time working is now coming to an end at all production sites and has enabled Renault Trucks to keep all its jobs and all its expertise within the company.

Renault Trucks holds its ground

Renault Trucks finished 2012 having invoiced a total volume of 51,486 vehicles, which is 14% down on 2011.
The breakdown of vehicles invoiced by Renault Trucks for all destinations is as follows: 
• Over 6 tonnes: 36,391 vehicles
• from 2.6 to 6 tonnes: 13,522 vehicles
• CKD: 1,573 (Completely Knocked Down, trucks sold as kits and assembled locally in some overseas export countries) 
The Long Distance range accounts for 36% of sales, the Delivery range 27%, the Distribution range 20% and the Construction range 17%.

The market in 27-country Europe
In Europe, registrations for LCV vehicles (from 2.6 to 6 tonnes) fell sharply in 2012, with 762,879 vehicles registered. Renault Trucks followed this downward trend by registering 13,062 vehicles in this same year. On the other hand, there were a number of fine performances during the period, such as the sale of 1,000 Master by Renault Trucks vehicles to the Swiss Post Office.

Renault Trucks is holding its own on the market for vehicles of over 6 tonnes with 26,100 vehicles registered in 2012, a drop of 9.8%, which is in line with European market trends (down by 8.3% with 276,949 vehicles registered).
Even if the manufacturer's market share is slightly down in Eastern Europe, fine performance on the over 6 tonne vehicle market in Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and in the Scandinavian countries, have enabled Renault Trucks to stay on track.
A slight return to growth is expected in Europe during 2013. But no real economic recovery is likely to be seen before 2014.

The French market
In 2012, the French LCV market was particularly affected by the economic crisis, since it partly depends on the health of the sole trader and building sector. Furthermore, because of the decline in car sales, car manufacturers ramped up their focus on the LCV market, making it extremely competitive. 
This led to a total of 149,865 LCVs being registered in France in 2012. Renault Trucks' results on this segment were down with 7,839 vehicles registered in 2012. 
As for the over 6 tonne vehicle market in France, this fell back by 8% with 42,811 vehicles registered in 2012. Despite a need for vehicle renewal, there have been few changes to the fleet in circulation and the decline in volume of goods carried since September is not very encouraging.
The construction vehicle segment, in which Renault Trucks has a high profile due to the density of its network, has been severely hit by many construction sites being put on hold. 
However, Renault Trucks has maintained its position as leader on the over 6 tonne vehicle market with a 30.2% market share and 12,929 vehicles registered.
In 2012, Renault Trucks regained some market share, particularly on the tractor market. The reliability of its vehicles as well as their lower fuel consumption and operating costs have been acknowledged by customers.

Results outside Europe
Outside Europe, Renault Trucks sales have moved forward in growth areas, where the manufacturer is very well established. 
Apart from a decline in Turkey due to the collapse of the market since the summer, all other areas outside Europe have seen their volumes rising. 
On the Russia/Ukraine market, one characterised by high growth potential which currently represents around 100,000 vehicles a year, Renault Truck sales have gone up by 20%. On this market, European manufacturers command a share of around 30%. Renault Trucks strengthened its position in the Maghreb countries, with sales up by 22%. In this region, the manufacturer remains the European leader in Algeria.
In sub-Saharan Africa, where the market is expected to grow by 66% between now and 2020, Renault Trucks sales have climbed by 9%.
Renault Trucks has also recorded gains of 20% in the Middle East, 8% in South Africa and 28% in South America (particularly in Chile and Argentina) where the manufacturer is aiming to double its volumes between now and 2015.

The used vehicle market
On the used vehicle market, Renault Trucks' results were good, with 10,000 vehicles sold in 2012, particularly thanks to the launch of special edition used vehicles: Premium Selection and Magnum Selection.

Renault Trucks supports its customers

Renault Trucks Financial solutions
In 2012, Renault Trucks launched a dynamic initiative to support its customers, who, in the current economic climate, sometimes have difficulties in obtaining financing. Renault Trucks Financial Services is therefore extending its offer of financing to cover 23% of trucks sold (as opposed to 18% in 2011).
Renault Trucks has also set up a new seasonal financing offer for construction vehicles: this consists of reducing monthly payments during the winter months, when the vehicles are under used. The flexibility this provides enables customers to protect their cash flow.

Renault Trucks always does more to reduce fuel consumption
Renault Trucks is constantly involved in efforts to reduce fuel consumption by offering innovative tools and services which enable it to maintain its position as a pioneer and leader in this field.  
• Renault Trucks Optifuel Solutions win an award in Germany
Optifuel Solutions, first introduced in 2007, cover a series of tools and services available to customers in four major areas: good vehicle configuration, good driver instruction, good fuel consumption monitoring and analysis and good vehicle maintenance.
Renault Trucks Optifuel Solutions won the European Sustainable Development Transport Award for 2012 in Germany in the "services" category. The jury was particularly impressed by their efficiency in sustainably reducing the impact of consumption and the impact of transport activities on the environment. The European Sustainable Development Transport Award is organised by the publishers Huss-Verlag (Munich).
• Setting up the Optifuel Challenge
Renault Trucks contributes to promoting eco-driving by organising the Optifuel Challenge, a European-wide competition which held its first edition in the autumn of 2012 at Seville, bringing together 33 drivers from 16 countries. They took part in this event on board the latest version of the 430 hp Renault Premium Optifuel.
The final of the challenge was won by a Spanish driver, representing the haulage firm Translogroño. The leading French driver, for the Tratel Group, finished in third place.
This challenge was made up of two parts: a theoretical paper aimed at assessing test drivers' familiarity with the principles of economic driving and a practical test at the wheel following a predetermined route. Upon arrival, driving, speed and fuel consumption were analysed using the Optifuel Infomax software, developed by Renault Trucks.
A French edition of the Optifuel Challenge will take place in 2013, beginning in March, at Strasbourg, Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon. The competition's final will take place on 22 April on the Nogaro track (Gers), sponsored by racing driver Emmanuel Collard.
• Renault Trucks applies design to saving fuel
During the IAA Hanover motor show in September 2012, Renault Trucks presented its CX/03 industrial design project focused on saving fuel. This long distance vehicle with its aerodynamic features and technological innovations has set Renault Trucks a long-term goal for its research into reducing fuel consumption. 
• New smartphone applications
Renault Trucks uses every type of leverage to reduce fuel consumption. The company was one of the first in the sector to develop smartphone applications to help truck drivers and hauliers reduce their fuel consumption. These consist of NavTruck and the HGV dedicated GPS system to provide guidance and real-time advice on cutting consumption, Eco-Calculator to calculate CO2 and NOx emissions and Truck Fuel Eco Driving, a game to train drivers in economic driving, which has so far been downloaded 200,000 times since its launch at the end of September.

The development of alternative solutions to Diesel
Although Diesel remains the optimal energy for carrying goods over long distances, other solutions can be imagined for carrying goods in towns with lower greenhouse gas emissions that are therefore more environmentally friendly.
This has led to Renault Trucks developing vehicles using technologies for their propulsion that are viable alternatives to Diesel: all-electric, hybrid (Diesel/electric) but also compressed natural gas (CNG), all of which are brought together under the Clean Tech label. The manufacturer has also begun a process of issuing badges to its network of repairers so that its customers can also be sure they will benefit from a high quality of service when they are using these new technologies. 
22 all-electric Maxity vehicles have been put on the road by Renault Trucks, altogether clocking up a total of more than 100,000 km. 18 Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech and 500 Premium Distribution CNG vehicles have also been put into service by Renault Trucks. 

Commercial impetus in aftersales
Over the past few years, Renault Trucks has also applied this impetus in support of its customers to its activities in the field of aftersales. The aim being to improve the vehicle's profitability by limiting the risk of downtime and reducing operating costs.

To this end, the manufacturer has developed a broad range of offers, including:
• "Fixed Price" offers which cover several operations and original parts at a set price. 
• The Approved parts offering which enables customers to be certain of having a part with performance identical to that of an original fit part. 
• The Okelia multibrand part offering, which provides a selection of parts meeting the demands of everyday maintenance and repair for other brands’ HGVs and LCVs, as well as for trailers and semitrailers. This offering has also been developed for parts or elements needed for workshop servicing (such as tools and garage equipment, but also hygiene and personal safety).
• The PN82 operation, which offers 82 products at attractive and consistent net prices throughout the entire French Renault Trucks network.

Every year, the quality of aftersales service provided by Renault Trucks is checked by extensive "mystery customer" operations, with results that show steady ongoing improvement.
500 audits were carried out in 2012.

Renault Trucks, European Truck Racing Champion
Always maintaining a close relationship with its customers and drivers, Renault Trucks also shares an absolute passion for trucks with them. Totally committed to Truck Racing since 2007, the manufacturer has reached the highest places on the podium for the European team Championships, together with the MKR Technology team: European champion in 2010 and vice champion of Europe in 2011. And then, during the final meeting of the 2012 Truck Racing season, Renault Trucks-MKR Technology won this year’s European team championship crown.
Once again for enthusiasts, Renault Trucks has also designed a truck racing simulation game, Truck Racing by Renault Trucks, available on PC, smartphones and tablets, which has now been downloaded over 1 million times.

Renault Trucks is preparing the future

Renault Trucks, a strong Volvo Group brand
In October 2012, the Group introduced a new organisation aiming to enable each brand to deploy its full potential via a fine-tuned product and services offering, coupled with optimised geographical coverage.
In this context, Renault Trucks will be increasing its number of sales and services outlets by 30 to 40% in certain countries.
Peter Karlsten, Executive Vice-President of the Volvo Group and managing director for EMEA Sales and Marketing, stresses: "The whole Volvo Group is being reorganised, including all its truck brands. The aim is to enable each brand to assert its full potential. In June, Renault Trucks is launching its entirely renewed range, which will give it a stronger position on the market. Once the new organisation and the new ranges are in place, Renault Trucks will be even stronger and more competitive than ever."
Over the last five years, the Volvo Group has invested €2 billion in Renault Trucks.

In 2013, Renault Trucks is totally renewing its vehicle ranges 
In June, Renault Trucks will be launching its entirely renewed range, thereby strengthening its market positioning. This will be the first time that any manufacturer has ever renewed all its ranges simultaneously. 
It has taken five years of research and development to prepare these new vehicles for their market launch. Millions of kilometres have been covered in tests.
Renault Trucks will be presenting its new ranges on 11 June.
This launch will be followed by an event in Lyon, this summer, because the manufacturer is keen to associate the people of Lyon with this major milestone.

Key dates in 2013
•  22 April 2013: Finals of the Optifuel Challenge France at Nogaro (Gers).
•  18 and 19 May 2013: First event in the Truck Racing season at Misano, Italy.
•  11 June 2013: Renault Trucks unveils its new vehicle ranges.

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