Seasonal financing for construction

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Seasonal financing for construction

Renault Trucks is making a new offering with the aim of meeting construction sector companies’ needs even better. This consists of providing them with a seasonal financial solution which, instead of requiring them to make identical payments throughout the year from one month to another, the amount to be paid is reduced during the winter months, during which the vehicles are not used to the full. This enables companies to reduce their costs and protect their cash flow.

In the construction sector, the level of activity is not constant throughout the year. Due to weather conditions, many worksites are closed down during the winter months. For the companies involved, this reduced activity inevitably means a drop in income. Therefore, to avoid threatening their cash flow and lower the cost of their vehicles, Renault Trucks is offering - via Renault Trucks Financial Services - a system of seasonal financing for all its trucks in the Construction range.

This system makes it possible for customers to spread out their costs according to how intensely they use their vehicles. "This means that, instead of offering regular, identical payments throughout the year, we are now offering the possibility of making lower payments during the months of November, December, January and February," explains Michel Girod, Renault Trucks’ Vice-President Commercial Vehicles. This enables customers to protect their cash flow by having costs that are proportional to their level of activity. "This system gives customers much greater peace of mind," adds Michel Girod. "By opting for it, they know that during the months when they use their trucks less, their cash flow will not be threatened." Furthermore, in order to satisfy the often wide diversity of needs encountered by various companies, each contract drawn up by Renault Trucks Financial Services is unique and customised.

With this new service available throughout Europe, in Turkey and in Russia, for the Premium Lander and Kerax vehicles, Renault Trucks is meeting its customers' needs even better and helping them with their activity. Seasonal financing illustrates the manufacturer's ongoing desire to provide its customers with ever more innovative services.

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