Renault Trucks exhibits its gas powered trucks at the BioGaz expo show

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Renault Trucks exhibits its gas powered trucks at the BioGaz expo show

Renault Trucks will be an exhibitor at the second edition of the BioGaz Expo show taking place from 19 to 22 February 2013 at Eurexpo-Lyon, during which it will give visitors the opportunity of test driving a vehicle powered by natural gas. The BioGaz Expo exhibition will be presenting the industrial expertise of the gas sector and latest innovations in the field of sustainable transport. A reliable energy with low pollution and noise levels, natural gas for vehicles or CNG has been included in the Renault Trucks offering since 1996.

A reliable energy that generates little pollution and low noise with a reduction in sound nuisance of 2 dB, natural gas for vehicles, available on the Renault Trucks distribution range since 1996, offers the same dynamic qualities as Diesel. It is one of a number of solutions offered by Renault Trucks to meet the demands of those customers who wish to have an alternative to Diesel.

During the BioGaz Expo show, from 19 to 22 February 2013 at Eurexpo-Lyon, Renault Trucks will be on the French Natural Gas for Vehicles Association (AFGNV) stand, where it will be inviting visitors to test drive a Premium Distribution running on natural gas - giving them an opportunity of discovering the qualities of both the vehicle and this energy. According to the Agency for the Environment and Energy Control (ADEME), by 2050, gas should be supplying 45% of the energy used for transport in France, a major part of which will be biogas.

Natural gas is one of the alternative solutions to Diesel offered by Renault Trucks which are all gathered under its Clean Tech label. These reflect the manufacturer's overall approach of putting the right truck, in the right place and with the right energy: all-electric vehicles for deliveries in town centres, hybrid trucks for urban and periurban deliveries and trucks running on CNG for more specific urban and periurban applications (captive fleets, distribution, waste collection, street cleaning, etc.).

Renault Trucks is represented on the natural gas market by the Premium Distribution CNG and the Premium Distribution CNG RCV (refuse collection vehicle), available in two rigid 4x2 configurations of 18 or 19 t and a 6x2*4 rigid of 26 t.

The gas powered sector is currently enjoying fresh impetus. This is because the European Commission has published its Clean Power for Transport Package strategy, which includes in its objectives the development of gas infrastructures in Europe. By 2020, filling stations supplying natural gas for vehicles should be available every 150 km throughout Europe.

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