Satisfaction for Europe's first Renault Trucks T customers

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Satisfaction for Europe's first Renault Trucks T customers

A few months after production started on Renault Trucks T in Europe, the first customers have taken possession of their vehicles. We met the chosen few who, having tested a vehicle from the new range, chose to add it to their fleet, and can now give us their impressions.

For some time now, it is no longer a rare occurrence to spot a Renault Trucks T flying the flag for various customers on European roads. Whilst some customers ordered them on the very day of the launch, on June 11th in Lyon, many bought after trying it on the road, or were won over by several years’ satisfaction with the previous generations of Renault Trucks vehicles.

“We’ve had Renault Trucks vehicles in our fleet for years,” say Marcus Schaub and Jan Thiele, directors of the Germany company ITS Spedition, “We really like the efficiency and comfort they bring to our drivers”. The two executives unsurprisingly chose to show their faith in Renault Trucks, receiving their first Renault Trucks T in January. Fiedler GmbH Internationale Spedition received its Renault Trucks T High Sleeper Cab 480 HP in November 2013, their general manager, Jörg Fiedler, having ordered it on June 11th, during the official launch in Lyon.

In Austria, Berger Logistik GmbH, which belongs to the former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger, has also placed its trust in Renault Trucks. Satisfied with the fuel consumption of their Premium Long Distance vehicles, they took delivery at the end of November 2013 of their first Renault Trucks T Sleeper Cab 460 HP for international transport work.

In Switzerland, the Constantin group, a Renault Trucks customer for the past 20 years, made the perfect transition by receiving their first Renault Trucks T and their last Magnum at the same time, delivered in Switzerland. “We love Renault Trucks’ reliability”, explained Olivier Constantin. At the same time, Hugelshofer Logistik AG, a division of the Hugelshofer group in Frauenfeld, took delivery of two Renault Trucks T High Sleeper Cab models.

In the UK, the beverage distribution company Marston’s PLC has just strengthened its fleet with two Renault Trucks Range Ts. “The consistent performance of the Premiums gave us the confidence to make our first Euro 6 purchases the Renault Range Ts”, said Chris Evans, Head of Group Logistics, Marston’s PLC “Positive feedback from our driver who attended the Renault ride and drive event in October 2013, plus the good relationship we have with our local dealer, Allports, also helped our purchase decision.”.

British road haulage specialist Clive Cowern Transport Services, has just received three Renault Trucks Range Ts to join their fleet of 44 trucks. Managing Director Clive Cowern got the chance to drive the vehicle at an event organised by Renault Trucks UK: “The Range T drives really well and the gearbox is superb, which is what we were looking for. The cab is very well laid out with a good floor so I can’t see any of our drivers complaining, which is important because driver appeal is a key factor for us. Fuel economy and reliability are critical to our operation.”

The container transport and haulage company MacIntyre Transport Ltd received their first Renault Trucks Range T to add to their fleet of 155 vehicles. “The time is right to try out Euro 6” said Paul Miller, Managing Director, “Renault has always been a good fleet truck, and we have 15 Renault Premiums that run out of our Selby site.”, The vehicle is fitted with the Fuel Eco pack to reduce consumption. The Range T is fitted with Renault Trucks’ on-board computer solution Optifleet. This is being trialled for a period of five months.

In Denmark, the very first Renault Trucks T has been delivered to LMT Transports (430 HP, Sleeper Cab) in December 2013. “With the arrival of Euro 6, we needed a new truck reliable and with low operating costs, this is important for us to deliver our customers on time with efficiency” explains Jesper Kjærsgaard, the owner of the company, “as we have had a great relationship with Renault Trucks, the decision to buy a new trucks T was quite easy to take.”

In Finland, Kari Enqvist, Trans-Akseli Oy’s Managing Director has received its Renault Trucks T 460 HP in January. “Our good experiences with Renault Trucks in the past made us choose a new truck from the T-series” explains Kari Enqvist ” All in all it looks like the new series price and quality ratio is in place.” The new truck completes the company’s current fleet, which includes Renault Premium Route and Premium Lander trucks, as well as Renault Master.

In Holland, Voets Transport has just included two Renault Trucks T in its fleet: “These two vehicles replace the old models”, explains Rob Voets, company director. “We’ve been a Renault Trucks customer for many years, and our 16 Renault Trucks vehicles have proved entirely satisfactory.”

In Belgium, deliveries and registrations of new range trucks are really getting up to speed. Withofs Transport was the first to buy 4 new Renault Trucks T. They bought them just after the launch in Lyon. Rik Vanlessen, director at Eurosped Belgium, bought 3 Renault Trucks T because he only wants the best for his drivers: “For our distribution business we actually don’t need a High Sleeper Cab with a flat floor, but we want to give our drivers some extra comfort, and this type is easier to sell after 5 years.” Jan Waegeman, Supervisor Repair & Maintenance at Wauters tanktransport, declares they were surprised by the test drive they did and bought 5 Renault Trucks T. After a few weeks their driver trainer confirms: “The features on the Renault Trucks T really surprised me, the driver only has to steer and if you use it in a proper way, you get a very low fuel consumption.”

In Hongary, the Mary Car Kft. received the first Renault Trucks T ranges models (460 HP,  sleeper cab). Daniel Csontos, owner of the company located at the south part of the country, after participating in June in the international Lyon reveal and later the Blainville T range customer test, placed confidence in Renault Trucks new developments and ordered four units of T460 Sleeper Cab.

In Czech Republic, the very first order of the new model Renault Trucks T 460 HP High Sleeper Cab was placed by CSS Logistic, s.r.o. “The new long-haul Renault Trucks T model series convinced us of its qualities during testing in Blainville, France. We had an exceptional opportunity to test the vehicles in real operation, and ascertain their reliability, excellent consumption and cabin comfort. All this combined with the unique design, which really appeals to me personally, contributed to the decision to be the first company in the Czech Republic to order the new model Renault Trucks T 460 k low deck,” says Václav Švamberk, Executive of CSS Logistic, s.r.o.

In France, the first Renault Trucks T were handed over to STAF last November. “The Renault Trucks T meets the requirements of refrigerated and major retail transport, in particular in terms of reliability”, says CEO Kara Mendjel, “Furthermore, the vast cab interior means my drivers can work under the best possible conditions.” The company Trans JRF, a specialist in the traction of maritime containers, chose to renew its fleet with 10 Renault Trucks T 520 HP High Sleeper Cabs. In January, it was Transports Chalavan et Duc’s turn to take on board their first Renault Trucks T in the South of France. Transports Piejac Maingret also showed their confidence in Renault Trucks, receiving 4 Renault Trucks T at the beginning of the year

For their part, Transport Prevost also took delivery of their two very first Renault Trucks T out of a 10 vehicles order. They chose Renault Trucks T 460 HP Sleeper cab. Likewise, Transports Rosier have ordered 8 Renault Trucks T to revamp their fleet of Magnum and Premium Long Distance. Upon delivery of the first vehicle, the owner, Patrick Rosier said “We know that the vehicles from the new range have been tested over millions of kilometers, and that they offer really attractive commercial performance. Driver comfort and the truck’s image are convincing enough arguments, but we are looking first and foremost for reliability and consumption performance.”

In Italy, the first Renault Trucks T was acquired by Transbozen Barbiano, a South Tyrol company specialising in the transport and logistics of temperature-controlled goods. A little further East, the Renault Trucks T will also appear in Croatia, with Natron Produkt and Fijavž in Slovenia. In Romania, when they received the keys to their Renault Trucks T, the manager of Autotransport Golo S.R.L declared: “When I make a decision to buy a truck, I take the key features of Renault Trucks into account: excellent value for money and very low maintenance and consumption costs.”

Finally, in Spain, the first Renault Trucks T was delivered by our dealer, Gonsoli Lorca, to Pedro Morillas Garcia, a driver-owner specialising in national refrigerated transport. “I have always placed my trust in Renault Trucks” he explains. ”Until now, the brand has never let me down on two elements that are key for me: the vehicle and the quality of their network.” A little later, Fribin, the biggest meat trading company in Spain and a loyal Renault Trucks customer, received their first Renault Trucks T. So many demonstrations of trust, bolstered when, on January 24th, the magazine Transporte 3 and fifty major Spanish transport companies elected the Renault Trucks T “Truck of the year” in Spain. 

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