Optifuel Challenge 2014: the Renault Trucks T enters the competitive arena

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Optifuel Challenge 2014: the Renault Trucks T enters the competitive arena

National selections for the Optifuel Challenge 2014, an economic driving competition created by Renault Trucks, will begin in March. The best European drivers will be competing on board the Renault Trucks T, the emblematic vehicle in the manufacturer’s range. Local selections in 19 countries will identify the top 34 who qualify to go forward to the finals in November.

In March 2014, selections for the second edition of the Optifuel Challenge will begin. This is a European competition devoted to reducing fuel consumption created and organised by Renault Trucks in Europe, Morocco, Russia and Tunisia. During the pre-selection trials, competitors drive a Renault Trucks T on a predetermined route. Upon arrival, their driving will be assessed, with speed and fuel consumption analysed by the Optifuel Infomax fuel consumption measurement and analysis software and Optifleet, Renault Trucks’ on board IT solution.

Haulage companies are free to put forward the driver of their choice for the Optifuel Challenge national pre-selection trials. These events will designate the 34 participants who will be competing against each other during the European final in November 2014. The French pre-selections are scheduled for June 2014.

This competition illustrates Renault Trucks’ desire to support hauliers and drivers in their push to drive more economically and demonstrate its fuel consumption cutting expertise by supplying them with efficient tools.

All aspects of the Renault Trucks T, the design of its cab and every part of its powertrain have been produced with the aim of reducing fuel consumption. Furthermore, the new range also benefits from the advantages provided by Renault Trucks’ Optifuel Solutions including, for example, Optifuel Programme, encompassing Optifuel Training, the instruction in economic driving provided by Renault Trucks experts and the Optifuel Infomax fuel consumption monitoring and analysis software. With Optifuel Programme, fuel savings of up to 15% can be achieved across an entire fleet.

Finally, all Renault Trucks T vehicles come with provisions for subsequently installing the Optifleet on-board fleet management IT solution. Easy to use, Optifleet is a decision-making assistance tool for fleet management which soon proves itself to be indispensable for company managers, operators, fleet managers and drivers. Its use can result in saving as much as €5,000 per year and per vehicle.

All of these services and technologies that are available for hauliers and their drivers will be showcased during the Optifuel Challenge 2014, which is a perfect illustration of Renault Trucks’ ongoing commitment to supporting its customers.

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