The first 24 inch wheel European construction site vehicle homologated for on-road use

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The first 24 inch wheel European construction site vehicle homologated for on-road use

Renault Trucks has extended its Kerax 8x4 XTREM range in Europe by offering a new version featuring 24 inch wheels. Particularly suited to the most challenging construction site conditions with a payload capacity of up to 50 t, this Kerax is the first European vehicle with 24 inch wheels to be homologated for use on the open road.

After having introduced the Kerax 8x4 XTREM to Europe in 2012, Renault Trucks is now going one step further by offering a new version fitted with 24 inch tyres. "With its improved ground clearance as well as higher approach and departure angles, the 24 inch Kerax 8x4 XTREM further increases its obstacle clearance capacity," stresses Patrice Roeser, the Construction range product manager. "Furthermore, the greater resilience of its tyres and rims also enable it to better withstand the unpredictable stresses and strains encountered when operating under difficult working conditions."

The Kerax 24 inch wheel 8x4 XTREM is, to date, the only 24 inch vehicle homologated to operate on the open road in Europe (within regulatory limits). "With this vehicle, customers can not only count on having a robust working tool offering a 50 ton payload capacity, but they can also easily transfer it from one worksite to another since it is the only vehicle on the European market authorised to travel on the open road. This gives customers a key advantage in terms of operating costs and flexibility of deployment," adds Patrice Roeser.

The 24 inch wheel Kerax 8x4 XTREM has already proved itself on the international market where Renault Trucks offers it for operations on the most uneven surfaces, particularly in West Africa for the construction of oil pipelines and roads as well as in the Chilean Andes at an attitude of 4,500 m. The 24 inch Kerax 8x4 XTREM is now available throughout Europe (excluding Germany) with wheelbases of 4,350 mm and 4,500 mm. It is fitted with Michelin X® Works™ tyres as standard.

The Kerax 8x4 XTREM is already available with 22.5 inch wheels and all the essential equipment needed for carrying out challenging tasks: a chassis with reinforced side members running from the engine to the very end of the rear overhang, robust suspension with four parabolic leaves and a drive axle strengthened to handle a vertical load capacity of 36 t. It is ideal for carrying heavy loads on all-terrain assignments and coping with the most extreme operating conditions.

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