5,000 staff members support the Enfants et Santé association

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5,000 staff members support the Enfants et Santé association

Enfants et santé (Children and health) aims to help children suffering from cancer and leukaemia while at the same time doing all they can to further research. To support their work, the 5,000 staff members at the Renault Trucks SAS head office in Lyon recently organised a number of festive fundraising events.

For the third year in a row, the 5,000 members of staff working at the Renault Trucks head office decided to collect funds for an association. After Dr Clown in 2010, The Blue Child in 2011, this year their support will be going to Enfants et santé.

"Since September, staff members have been bursting with imagination to create events that will generate money for the Association," explains Pascale Mezie, head of communications for the Lyon site and operation coordinator. "This has led to them organising book fairs, cake sales, chess tournaments, martial arts matches, plays, running challenges... And that doesn't cover everything!"     

As in previous years, staff members' involvement has been exemplary, which has greatly impressed Bénédicte Grilhault des Fontaines, president of Enfants et santé for the Rhône Loire region: "The Renault Trucks' staff initiative on behalf of our association has already been hugely successful and, together with the volunteers, I would like to extend my warmest thanks to them. It really is fantastic to see so many people so committed to our cause!" she declares. She concludes by adding: "The campaign led by Enfants et santé for almost 13 years has made it possible for considerable advances to be made in French research into paediatric cancerology. We can help these children and adolescents to be cured, to be cured more and to be cured better with as few after-effects as possible - with equal chances of being cured everywhere in France. By working together, we can make this happen."

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