An all-electric boom lift truck launched bu the City of Lyon, EDF, France Elevateur and Renault Trucks

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An all-electric boom lift truck launched bu the City of Lyon, EDF, France Elevateur and Renault Trucks

In 2013, the city of Lyon, EDF, France Elévateur and Renault Trucks will be bringing into service an all-electric boom lift truck, to be operated by the city's Street Lighting Department for four years.

This truck with boom lift has been built on a Renault Maxity Electric type chassis, a small, all-electric truck that Renault Trucks has been selling exclusively for more than a year and which can be driven with an ordinary driving licence. It has been equipped by France Elévateur with a compact boom lift capable of extending 11 metres, making it possible to operate in particularly narrow streets because of its great manoeuvrability.

This experimental application made available by EDF and Renault Trucks to the City of Lyon is a first in France and has resulted from the partnership between Renault Trucks and EDF for the development of all-electric commercial vehicles for applications in urban environments. It will make it possible to draw up a comprehensive technical and economic appraisal of the project, the aim being to ascertain the performance of an all-electric boom lift truck under actual working conditions and adapt it as well as possible to operational requirements, particularly in urban areas.

EDF will be responsible for installing all the vehicle's instrumentation in order to reach its objectives in terms of operating range and capacity, as well as availability. Via its subsidiary Sodetrel, the Group will provide the vehicle's "on-board energy" support, guaranteeing good battery performance.

Renault Trucks has now built up significant experience with the Maxity Electric. Since the model was launched, the vehicles currently being operated have travelled more than 100,000 km. By means of this project, Renault Trucks will be able to develop a new application around the boom lift and thereby extend its offering with the Maxity Electric.



Picture 1 (from left to right):

Jean-Marc Lange, Business Development & Partnerships Vice President, Renault Trucks ; Michel Couture, director of Electric Mobility , EDF ; Françoise Rivoire, Deputy Mayor of Lyon responsible for sustainable development, city of Lyon and Rodolphe Chiles, Commercial Director, France Elevateur.

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