Renault Trucks introduces electronic stability control on the Midlum

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Renault Trucks introduces electronic stability control on the Midlum

Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which improves vehicles' roadholding, is now available on the Midlum throughout Europe. With this initiative, Renault Trucks is meeting the demands of customers who want to be ready for the new regulations which will make an ESC compulsory on all Euro VI vehicles.

At the end of 2014, an Electronic Stability Control (ESC) will become a compulsory feature for commercial vehicles.  

To anticipate demand, comply with the future R13-11 standard and satisfy its customers' demands, Renault Trucks is now offering this technology on the Midlum. "Customers plan ahead to comply with regulations due to be introduced," explains Rémi Lemoine, product manager for the Renault Trucks Distribution range. "We therefore comply with their wish to be ready for 2014, bearing in mind that an ESC is already compulsory for vehicles carrying gas.”

ESC technology offers significant advantages for drivers. It improves the vehicle's directional stability by constantly controlling the trajectory and is particularly useful under difficult weather conditions, in snow or rain.

First introduced in 2000 and completely upgraded in 2006, the Midlum has been constantly improved to satisfy increasingly stringent customer demands. It now boasts the best payload on the market and a high degree of versatility. Since September 2012, it is now also available with an Optifuel Pack designed to reduce consumption.

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