Renault Trucks overhauls its aftersales offering

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Renault Trucks overhauls its aftersales offering

With the aim of always improving its efforts to help customers control their costs and mobility needs, Renault Trucks France is totally overhauling its aftersales offering. With its PN82 operation, the manufacturer is now offering a list of 82 products at attractive net prices which will be the same throughout the entire Renault Trucks French network.

"A network, an item and a price: that is our commitment," asserts Gilles Laroche, Aftersales Director at Renault Trucks France. "With the PN 82 operation, we are aiming to meet customers' demands for lower maintenance costs." This offer is therefore being made so that hauliers can optimise their maintenance budget. Renault Trucks is offering them 82 selected products available at all Renault Trucks network outlets in France taking part in the operation at attractive, set prices. The PN82 operation covers spare parts for the bodywork, filtration, braking, suspension and also the clutch.

All the parts concerned come from the Renault Trucks Approved Parts offering. "These original parts provide a guarantee of safety, reliability and durability," adds Gilles Laroche. "Each one conforms with specifications drawn up by the Renault Trucks design office and has been made to fulfill a specific function on the vehicle and be perfectly compatible with all the other parts it is associated with." By opting for Approved Parts items, customers know that are getting a part that performs exactly the same as the one fitted to the vehicle when it was new.

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