Premium and Magnum Selection : Renault Trucks' used vehicle concept

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Premium and Magnum Selection : Renault Trucks' used vehicle concept

To meet its customers' demands for used vehicles that are almost like new and come complete with services, Renault Trucks has set up its "Selection" offering. First of all launched with the Premium Long Distance, this now includes the Magnum and, in France, a Premium Racing limited edition. Premium Selection and Magnum Selection are available throughout Europe. All of these are refurbished models with few kilometres on the clock that are immediately available.

Although for many years, the main criterion for purchasing a vehicle was its price and only its price, this is no longer the case today. "The used commercial vehicle market is undergoing major change," observes Emmanuel Duperray, Renault Trucks' used vehicle sales director. "Hauliers who buy used vehicles are expecting more and more services, particularly manufacturer's warranties, immediate availability, refurbished vehicles and financing." To meet these new customer demands, Renault Trucks is therefore making its Selection offers of Premium Long Distance and Magnum vehicles available. These offers concern vehicles selected by Renault Trucks that have been entirely refurbished, have few kilometres on the clock and are backed by a 12 month manufacturer warranty. Powerful arguments that will reassure and appeal to used vehicle customers.

On the French market, Renault Trucks has even gone further than that. "We have observed that our customers want more and more services packaged with their vehicle," explains Olivier Saby, used vehicle sales director for Renault Trucks France. "We have therefore extended the offering by adding a Racing pack." With the Premium Racing, customers not only benefit from a vehicle with low kilometrage, backed by a one-year warranty and well-known for its low fuel consumption and operating costs. "But in addition, customers for these vehicles are looking for a means of proudly projecting their company image," continues Olivier Saby. "We therefore drew on the aesthetic DNA of our racing trucks, which have won the French and European championship crowns. And, for the first time in the used truck market, owners can even personalise their vehicles by adding items from the Racing accessories range." Possible options include: a leather steering wheel, hubcaps with markings in relief, painted rims, a matte black exhaust pipe or decorated side fairings. 

The Premium Selection (not including Racing) and Magnum Selection are available from all Renault Trucks used vehicle centres throughout Europe via the TruckPlus network and its Internet site (consultable in 16 languages) :,,,

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