Get your truck well prepared for winter with Renault Trucks

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Get your truck well prepared for winter with Renault Trucks

To face up to the rigours of winter (rain, frost, snow, etc.), Renault Trucks has developed a range of products specially adapted to its vehicles. These include exclusive windscreen-wiper blades to improve drivers’ visibility and safety in winter conditions.

As winter draws nearer, it is essential for trucks to be equipped so that they can handle difficult driving conditions including snow, frost and rain. “To help our drivers operate safely in the winter, we have developed a whole range of products specifically designed for our vehicles,” explains Eric Hernandes, spare parts director. “And in particular, brand new windscreen-wiper blades, which are absolutely vital for ensuring good visibility and safety.

These new windscreen-wiper blades have been exclusively designed for Renault Trucks vehicles. Like everything else in the Renault Trucks original Approved Parts range, these products are the only ones to guarantee users the best possible performance. Their flat design, without any moving parts affected by frost, deliver unprecedented wiping quality and comfort under all circumstances and weather conditions. Furthermore, they feature an exclusive warning light to inform the driver when they need changing. Finally, these new windscreen-wipers are simply and swiftly fitted as well as being easier to recycle due to having fewer component parts.

However, in winter, visibility is not always the only difficulty drivers have to cope with on the road. They also need to have a truck they can depend upon to be operational whatever the weather. “To be sure of that, we recommend carrying out preventive maintenance of the entire electrical circuit at our service centres,” insists Eric Hernandes. “This includes the battery, the starter and the alternator – without forgetting that all three are interdependent!”  By doing this, drivers can be confident that they will not experience any problems with starting or the operation of electrically powered equipment such as air conditioning, telephones, GPS, etc.

Our Okelia products, which complement the Approved Parts offering, also supply drivers with solutions,” adds Eric Hernandes. “Using the ‘Engine start’ product for example, makes it easier for the engine to start in winter temperatures, which is very reassuring for drivers who have to operate on roads in extreme cold.” Similarly, Renault Trucks offers a windscreen washing product in the Okelia range which can resist temperatures as low as -20°. It is also methanol-free, which guarantees its quality and environmental-friendliness.

Finally, in the event of heavy snowfall, and to prevent vehicles from becoming immobilised, the Renault Trucks Approved Parts offering includes five types of chains adapted to each of the manufacturer’s vehicles. A telescopic snow wiper with a length of up to 90 centimeters is also available and much appreciated by drivers, since they can use it to quickly remove the snow from their windscreens and get back on the road in a minimum amount of time.

With its Approved Parts and Okelia offerings, Renault Trucks contributes to helping drivers feel safer on the road throughout the winter and offers them practical means of successfully completing their assignments at all times and under all conditions.

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