Renault Trucks invents customised used vehicles

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Renault Trucks invents customised used vehicles

The new Renault Trucks used vehicle offering for France enables every customer buying a used Premium Long Distance vehicle to customise its style without cost or quality being compromised in any way. By working with an agency specialised in creating special editions of cars, Renault Trucks is now breaking new ground in the used vehicle sector by adding Premium Racing Selection models to this range, each with their own unique identification number!

Premium Selection is the offering of used vehicles that have been entirely refurbished and prepared by Renault Trucks. The label is also a guarantee of quality for customers who want a reliable and quickly available used vehicle. With Premium Racing Selection, Renault Trucks now goes even further. This special edition, for the moment only available on the French market, gives customers the opportunity of personalising their vehicles. Created in collaboration with Style and Design, an agency well-known in the automobile world for its expertise in developing special editions of vehicles, the Premium Racing Selection range has a decidedly sporting design, reflecting Renault Trucks' involvement in the European Truck Racing Championship.

First of all, this Racing pack includes an aggressive, thoroughbred design, with a bodywork finish in carbon that is both dynamic and graphically striking. Particular attention has also been paid to the cab interior, with features including carbon inserts on the dashboard, sports design seat covers, a red "racing" type steering wheel, matching door panels and a numbered dashboard. In other words, everything has been carefully thought out to boost the driver's feeling of exclusivity. Customers can then further enhance this basic kit with, for example, the addition of a leather steering wheel, hubcaps with markings in relief, rims and exhaust in matte black, decorated side fairings and even more... This personalisation appears to be without limit, underpinning the statement of uniqueness provided by this strikingly individual Premium Racing Selection design.

The Premium Racing Selection offering was launched in France at the beginning of September. It is available for a limited number of 100 Premium Long Distance 450 hp vehicles with less than 390,000 km on the clock. Each vehicle is unique and numbered. All are assessed, prepared and refurbished by Renault Trucks and are covered by a 12 month or 120,000 km manufacturer's warranty, as well as Europe 24/24 assistance. They are available throughout France from dealerships belonging to the Truck Plus network whose members are all Renault Trucks dealers specialised in used vehicles.(

These are all persuasive arguments to make sure these vehicles proudly bearing their owners' colours can be operated to deliver the best possible advantage. An innovative approach that really carries used vehicles into a new dimension.

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