Optifuel Training for the Master delivers: 10% fuel savings

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Optifuel Training for the Master delivers: 10% fuel savings

Renault Trucks is applying its experience and expertise in cutting fuel consumption to LCVs. The manufacturer is achieving this by adapting its training in economic driving to the Master and offering the Optifuel Solutions Master. With a latest generation Master and the new Optifuel Training programme adapted to delivery activities, fuel consumption can be reduced by as much as 10%.

Renault Trucks is launching the Optifuel Solutions Master and offering an exclusive and specific "homegrown" training programme in economic driving based on its extensive experience of reducing fuel consumption on HGVs. Fitted with a new engine and accompanied by this training program, the Optifuel Solutions Master makes it possible to cut fuel consumption by as much as 10% when operating in urban environments.

For the past 30 years, Renault Trucks has been a pioneer and industry leader in the field of reducing fuel consumption. Now, the manufacturer is making this experience and expertise available to drivers of LCVs. It is doing this by adapting its "homegrown" Optifuel Training economic driving programme to the usage patterns of LCVs. Taking up a full day, the programme begins with theoretical instruction on the best attitude to adopt for optimising driving and reducing consumption. This is followed by applying these principles under actual operating conditions with a loaded vehicle on a route corresponding to a typical delivery round.

The resulting fuel savings can be as much as 10%. But this is not the only advantage. By adopting a more economic driving style, drivers preserve vehicles' mechanical parts and reduce the risk of accidents. They are also more relaxed and less stressed when carrying out deliveries.

To achieve these savings, the offer is based on the latest generation Master. Its new engines feature several new items of equipment designed to reduce consumption such as Energy Smart Management (ESM), which electronically controls the alternator. Similarly, the variable displacement oil pump now has a thermostat which optimises engine and steering pump lubrication. Everything has been carefully designed to provide smoother functioning of the engine’s various parts, resulting in it using less fuel. To further improve consumption performance, a new system of engine temperature management as well a cold functioning EGR makes it possible to swiftly obtain the best temperature for the engine. Finally, new tyres with lower rolling resistance are fitted as standard.

The Optifuel Solutions Master is available with a manual gearbox in 100 hp versions and with manual and robotised gearboxes in 125 hp and 150 hp versions.

For the driver, the Optifuel Solutions Master makes driving and working more pleasant and comfortable by a very well finished cab interior. Its features include a car-type driving position, an integrated Tom-Tom® Live (version 2.0) GPS system, several intelligent storage solutions and an office space, all of which make everyday tasks easier. Large dimensioned side and rear doors, as well as a loading sill that has been lowered to 542 mm make frequent loading and unloading easier, particularly in urban environments.

For Renault Trucks, an LCV's efficiency is, primarily, all about the quality of its associated services. The Optifuel Solutions Master can therefore benefit from all Renault Trucks' expertise at its Fast&Pro labelled centres which are entirely devoted to the sale and servicing of LCVs, as well as its Start&Drive servicing contracts and Expandys warranty extensions.

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