Premium Long Distance vehicles in Coca-Cola livery

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Premium Long Distance vehicles in Coca-Cola livery

The Coca-Cola group is continuing its association with Renault Trucks. Five Renault Premium Long Distance 460 hp EEVs have just been added to the Coca-Cola Switzerland fleet, bringing the number of Renault Trucks vehicles it operates up to 27.  By opting for the EEV standard, the most stringent for diesel vehicles, and choosing the Optidriver+ robotised gearbox, Coca-Cola is reasserting its commitment to preserving the environment.

Coca-Cola HBC Suisse SA has just placed an order for five Renault Trucks in the long distance range. These are Renault Premium Long Distance 460 hp EEVs - complying with the standard which makes the most exacting demands on Diesel vehicles in terms of environmental friendliness. This choice is perfectly in line with Coca Cola's commitment to respecting the environment. As the Distribution, Transport and Fleet Department manager for Coca-Cola HBC Suisse SA, Richard Oppliger, explains, Renault Trucks is able to the back its products' reliability by a number of very convincing arguments: "We use Renault Trucks vehicles for our logistics - Premium Long Distance models to be exact - and have now had several years to appreciate their high productivity."

These vehicles are powered by a 460 hp DXi11 engine and equipped with the Optidriver+ robotised gearbox which offers several advantages: it reduces fuel consumption, as well as optimising driveline performance by extremely accurate gearshifting and makes the driver's work easier.

Coca-Cola HBC Suisse SA has chosen superior equipment for its vehicles, to ensure that its drivers enjoy optimal comfort. This includes a high-roof cab, air-conditioning, independent heating and extremely comfortable seats.

The Coca-Cola Beverages SA company has been operating in Switzerland for more than 75 years and is the country's largest manufacturer of refreshing drinks. With this latest delivery of Renault Premium Long Distance vehicles in Switzerland, Renault Trucks is continuing its prestigious association with a major world player, Coca-Cola.

Caption picture 2 : from left to right, Richard Oppliger (Coca-Cola HBC Suisse SA), Tarcis Berberat (Renault Trucks) et Andreas Ellenberger (Coca-Cola HBC Suisse SA).

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