Orange trucks to support the Dutch football team

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Orange trucks to support the Dutch football team

Renault Trucks Commercial Nederland is donning orange colours to support the Dutch national team during the next European Football Championships which will be taking place from 8 June to 1 July 2012.

It is a tradition for the Netherlands to display the colour orange at all their sporting celebrations and events. To mark the country's qualification for the Euro 2012 championships, the Renault Trucks Dutch branches have decided to put 13 orange coloured trucks on the road. During the month of March, customer’s vehicles as well as demonstration vehicles from the Master, Midlum, Premium and Magnum ranges will therefore be driving the length and breadth of the Netherlands and Europe proudly displaying the motto "Renault Trucks met Oranje" ("Renault Trucks supports the Dutch team").

"These vehicles are our way of asserting our solidarity with the Dutch players, the close ties the brand has with the country and also strengthening the feeling of solidarity within our own teams" explains Patrick Murer, director of Renault Trucks Rotterdam and Renault Trucks Westland. "Just like the national football squad, our staff make up a team whose success is built on close collaboration between its various specialists and members. So if we support our players all together, we will win!" Winners of the European title in 1988, the Dutch team is determined to regain the championship crown this year.

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