App for calculating CO2 and NOx emissions

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App for calculating CO2 and NOx emissions

From 1 October 2013, in France, transport services providers will be required to communicate information concerning the levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) generated by their activites. To make this task easier and anticipate their needs, Renault Trucks is now offering a free application known as the EcoCalculator. Once the vehicle’s technical information has been entered, EcoCalculator displays the level of CO2 and NOx emissions in grammes per tonne and per kilometer.

Renault Trucks is launching a new application to calculate Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emissions. This is because from 1 October 2013, in France, all businesses providing transport services (hauliers, removal firms, taxis, etc.) will be obliged to provide their customers with figures stating the quantities of Carbon Dioxide  emitted for each one of their assignments. 

The free EcoCalculator application is able to calculate these figures. It immediately provides levels of CO2 and NOx emissions in grammes per tonne and per kilometer for a truck or a LCV. Users can then save this data or send it directly by mail. EcoCalculator is a free application available from the AppStore ( and Google Play (

This is how it works: Once the application has been downloaded, the user enters details of the vehicle’s standard (Euro I to V EEV), the type of fuel used (Diesel or natural gas), the weight being carried, the distance it is carried and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometres. The EcoCalculator application is then able to instantly deliver the relevant level of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide emissions in grammes per tonne and per kilometer. For company managers, fleet managers, owner-drivers or drivers who have been asked to carry out this task, the EcoCalculator is clearly a smart and free tool that will make their lives easier.

Renault Trucks was one of the very first manufacturers to develop smartphone application to help truck drivers and haulage companies in their day-to-day activities. Altogether, there are now nine Renault Trucks applications available from the AppStore and Google Play.

The Renault Trucks applications available:

•    EcoCalculator (free): a calculator for working out the quantities of CO2 and NOx emitted by a vehicle on a given journey.
•    Truck Fuel Eco Driving (free): a game for learning how to drive economically.
•    NavTruck (for purchase): the special GPS application for HGVs which guides drivers and gives real-time advice to help them reduce fuel consumption,
•    Time Book (free): the driving logbook for the XXI century which manages driving and rest time.
•    DeliverEye (free): the application making it possible to send a photo with a time, place and date stamp in the event of a delay or damaged goods.
•    Renault Trucks Network (free): to find all sales and service outlets with a single click.
•    Selected for you (free): to find and share in a few seconds the most useful applications available on: (from a mobile phone).
•    Renault Trucks Racing (free): the truck racing simulation game for the iPhone, also available in high definition for the iPad.
•    Truckers Gallery (free): a gallery for sharing your passion via photos of trucks from all over the world.

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