Premium Optifuel : saving even more

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Premium Optifuel : saving even more

Premium Optifuel, Renault Trucks’ "truck + training" offering dedicated to reducing fuel consumption has passed another milestone. After having been enhanced by the Optiroll feature in 2011, Premium Optifuel is now available with a 430 hp engine. Fitted with previews of the new Michelin X® Linetm EnergyTM tyres, Premium  Optifuel's performance is now even better.

Ever since its launch in 2009, Premium Optifuel, the "truck + training" offering from Renault Trucks has been constantly improving. Thanks to close collaboration between the engineers and sales teams in the field, who maintain close contact with customers, the Premium Optifuel offering is being adapted to meet their expectations even better.

Renault Trucks developed the new version with a 430 hp engine on the basis of a simple observation: when power is not an absolute necessity, deciding to downsize can prove to have advantages. By opting for the 430 hp version, the haulier who takes the same easy route over relatively even terrain every day can save several precious litres of fuel, without compromising journey speed.

To mark its launch, the 4x2 Premium Optifuel 430 hp tractor has been fitted with previews of the new 315/70 R 22.5 Michelin X® Linetm EnergyTM: Z tyres on the Front  axle and D on the Drive (rear) axle. These offer low rolling resistance and allow hauliers to save a further 0.74 L/100 km than when using Michelin X® EnergyTM Savergreen tyres - according to track tests with a Premium Optifuel carrying a 40 tonne load and travelling at 80 kph. Depending on usage, operators can choose between a drive axle carrier ratio of 13x37 or 14x37.

The limited edition 430 or 460 hp Premium Optifuel still features the Optidriver+ gearbox (without the power mode), the Optiroll “controlled freewheeling” pack, the adjustable roof deflector as well as the automatic engine cut-out. As an option, customers can choose to add side fairings, Alcoa aluminium rims and the Voith hydraulic retarder.

This offering is still combined with Renault Trucks Optifuel Training in economic driving and also features a new version of the Optifuel Infomax fuel measuring and analysis software.

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