Renault Trucks  at the firefighter's convention in Amiens

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Renault Trucks at the firefighter's convention in Amiens

Renault Trucks will be exhibiting its range of fire-fighting vehicles at the Firefighters’ Convention which is being held in Amiens from 27 to 29 September 2012. An ideal opportunity to present its latest 3.5 ton GCW rapid response vehicle, beside the other firefighting vehicles in its range.

The worthiness of the various missions carried out by firefighters and the specific nature of their requirements results in Renault Trucks frequently developing new vehicles for them, vehicles that are even more dependable and with more new features designed to help them operate with greater efficiency. The latest addition to the range is the ACMAT ALTV, a 3.5 ton rapid response vehicle capable of carrying up to 750 L of water with a four seater cab and 900 L with a two seater. Produced in partnership with Acmat (the Renault Trucks Defense subsidiary specialised in light defence vehicles), the ALTV is a concentrate of robustness and mobility for deployment over rough terrain to swiftly reach small fires and prevent them from spreading.

The vehicle will be on display at the Firefighters’ Convention which is being held in Amiens from 27 to 29 September 2012. Renault Trucks will be exhibiting it next to the ACMAT CCFL light 4x4 fire tender launched last year. This tanker truck with a GCW of 10 t combines mobility, pulling power and payload so that firefighters can intervene efficiently and swiftly under all circumstances. The remainder of the manufacturer's range will be represented by the Command Post version of the Renault Maxity, the Kerax FMGOP (high power foam vehicle) and the Midlum Forest Fire Tender.

Renault Trucks offers a very extensive "firefighting" range, compliant with European standards, to meet firefighters’ needs with 4x2, 6x4, 8x4 and 6x2 vehicles as well as all-wheel drive 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles, specifically designed solely for firefighting and rescue operations. These vehicles are capable of handling the many different types of assignments carried out by fire-fighters in Europe (rescuing and assisting victims, fires, road accidents, protection of property, etc.) in a variety of different environments (towns, forests, industrial sites, rough terrain, etc.). The vehicles, from the Master to the ACMAT range and the Kerax are configured for the type of missions they will be called upon to carry out: Master VSR (search and rescue), Midlum FTP (Fire tender), Kerax CCF (Forest fire tender) or others.

All of them benefit from Renault Trucks’ experience in terms of body capacity, payload and obstacle clearance capability. Furthermore, by choosing Renault Trucks, firefighters know they can count on a service provided by professionals for professionals in the manufacturer’s 320 service outlets throughout France.

More information on the Renault Trucks' firefighting range is available here

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