Cutting consumption with the Nav'Truck GPS application

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Cutting consumption with the Nav'Truck GPS application

Nav’Truck, the first GPS "HGV dedicated" application for smartphones launched in 2011 by Renault Trucks, is now offering even more. Its 2.0 version keeps drivers constantly updated with advice on economic driving and information on the road profile ahead as well as offering the possibility of adjusting the truck's maximum speed. All of this is designed to guide the driver and reduce journey times while at the same time providing real-time assistance in reducing consumption.

Nav’Truck, the Renault Trucks GPS application specifically developed for HGVs and available for the iPhone and Android, now features new functionalities devoted to saving fuel. Designed as an entertaining "companion", Nav’Truck's new features help drivers take concrete measures to reduce their consumption and have the right reflexes at the right moment. Downloaded onto their mobile phones, this makes Nav’Truck the ideal complement to rational driving instruction like that provided by Renault Trucks' Optifuel Training. Once the fundamentals of economic driving have been acquired with this programme, drivers are able to enjoy the long-term benefits of their training via advice supplied in real-time by the application.

These new functionalities have been designed on the basis of anticipation, a key factor in reducing fuel consumption. Based on the data from the GPS road map, the application displays instructions to drivers on the screen. For example, when approaching a roundabout, Nav'Truck tells them when they should slow down, thereby gaining maximum benefit from their vehicles' inertia. Precious litres of fuel are also saved by helping them limit use of the engine brake. Furthermore, drivers can decide to pre-programme a maximum speed below the authorised limit to save even more fuel.

The application has also been extended to include almost 100 tips and pieces of advice, designed to develop the right reflexes from the start, which are displayed when the application opens.

For those who want to go even further, Nav’Truck still offers the option of receiving live traffic updates. The application then alters the route to take this into account, enabling the driver to avoid becoming caught up in traffic jams.

This new version of Nav’Truck has an entirely redesigned interface to make navigation and configuration smoother and faster. The integrated cartography has also been updated, now incorporating AS24 points. Android users can now download an optional cartography of Europe, similar to that available to App Store users.

Available in almost 20 languages, the new version of Nav’Truck can be downloaded now from the Apps Store and Android Market. This update is free for those who already have the previous version.

To download Nav’Truck

iOS (Apple)

European version

Version France


Regional version (choice of 1 single European country)

The comprehensive map of all Europe is a purchase option which can be accessed from the regional version.

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