Renault Trucks brings french talent to the fore

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Renault Trucks brings french talent to the fore

During the first half of 2012, Renault Trucks deployed a new communications campaign in France designed to proudly fly the brand's colours and reiterate the major contribution which it makes to the French economy. Renault Trucks' aim is to assert the foundations of its character with this initiative, as well as highlight what sets it apart on the French road haulage market.

“Renault Trucks Talents Français”. This claim is much more than a simple slogan for Renault Trucks. It reflects a reality which is illustrated via an industrial, commercial and human history going back more than a century. Renault Trucks came into being when two landmarks in the history of French manufacturing - Berliet and Saviem - joined forces. The daring and excellence which now characterise Renault Trucks vehicles have a direct link with this legacy. As of 1910, Berliet invented the forerunner of commercial vehicles with the first "truck" designed for carrying heavy loads. It was equipped with the first Diesel engine in 1931. In the mid-50s, the French manufacturer began producing the T100, the world's largest truck. More recently, in 1990, Renault Véhicules Industriels broke new ground with its famous "AE”, the future Magnum which was to revolutionise on-board living and working conditions with its renowned flat floor cab.

Since then, Renault Trucks has pursued its policy of innovation in both the technical and service fields, particularly with an underlying purpose which is part of its DNA: to reduce fuel consumption. Currently, Renault Trucks' efficiency in saving fuel is acknowledged throughout Europe, particularly its Optifuel Solutions that combine technical tools with service offerings. This efficiency is also seen in its ongoing development of alternatives to the all-Diesel approach (electric, hybrid and CNG). Furthermore, by "connecting" vehicles via its Nav’Truck iPhone HGV dedicated GPS application, Renault Trucks makes drivers' day-to-day assignments easier, clearly demonstrating that it is maintaining the tradition of using innovation to serve road transport.

Trucks Made in France
Renault Trucks is proud of its heritage and aims to share this pride with its customers. When they choose a Renault Trucks vehicle, customers know that they will be acquiring not only a reliable and efficient tool, but also that their truck has been manufactured in France. Members of the workforce at Blainville-sur-Orne (Calvados) can have been involved (cabs and medium tonnage vehicles), or those at Bourg-en-Bresse (heavy duty vehicles), Lyon (engines, stamping, research and development and administration) or Limoges (military vehicle development). "If we have become a major French manufacturer and an efficient business, well-known for its commitment to partnering those in the road haulage industry, we first of all owe it to the members of our workforce," Dominique Pollen, Managing director of Renault Trucks France, reminds us. In concrete terms, some 10,000 talents are working for the company in France (14,000 worldwide) and 8,000 in its dealership network. As in the past, Renault Trucks remains the largest single private employer in the Rhône-Alps Region, and continues to play a key social and economic role in the area where it originated.

France is also a country in which the Volvo Group, which now owns Renault Trucks, is investing in preparing the future of the brand and the Group. Over the past few years, the Blainville-sur-Orne plant has become Europe's second largest truck cab manufacturing site. At Bourg-en-Bresse, a production line for assembling hybrid vehicles has been inaugurated. In Lyon, in 2011, a few years after the Lyon engine plant had been completely remodelled, the stamping plant has also been entirely reorganised around ultramodern production technologies. Finally, the opening of the Halle du Design in 2008 at the Lyon site clearly shows a determination to ensure that all the company's vehicles benefit from a visual identity entirely created by Renault Trucks.

Most importantly, it is in France that the future of road haulage is being invented. The Renault Trucks site in Lyon hosts the research and development activities to which the company devotes some 5% of its income. At the same time, Renault Trucks is a founder member of the Lyon Urban Trucks and Bus national competitive cluster which brings together SMEs and major Groups' laboratories in Lyon to work on fundamental research projects focused on urban passenger and goods transport systems.
A Made in France for export 

Renault Trucks is currently one of the top 20 French exporting companies. Out of the 60,000 or so vehicles it produces every year, almost 60% are for international customers, with 43% going to European buyers. The manufacturer has regularly promoted French talent in foreign countries with, for example, expeditions such as The Silk Road, Cape to Cape and also Renault Magnum on Route 66. Its current involvement in the European Truck Racing Championship with the MKR Technology team - winners of the Crown in 2010 - also contributes to exporting its Made in France label.

Urban happening
At the end of May 2012, the 30 staff members at the new Renault Trucks Massy dealership turned themselves into "urban happeners". On the Invalides Esplanade in Paris, they unfurled a huge 1,000 m² tarpaulin weighing 280 kg which delivered a powerful "Renault Trucks Talents Français" statement. Maintaining the suspense until the flag was fully deployed, the Massy team pulled off this operation without incident, watched by amused or intrigued tourists and passers-by. This achievement was immortalised by a video now available on YouTube at the following address: This operation will be repeated by other Renault Trucks sites in France, such as those in Lyon, Bordeaux, Nancy, Marseilles and Strasbourg.

Renault Trucks asserts itself in the press
A Premium Racing on the Le Mans 24 Hour race track, a Renault Magnum on the Millau viaduct, a Premium Long Distance in the Optifuel Solutions livery on a road passing through a field of wind turbines, and more... Via its communications campaign deployed in the national press during June, Renault Trucks has been closely associating trucks with every kind of French success story.
France has a wealth of talent, creativity, innovation and values. With its Renault Trucks Talents Français campaign, the French manufacturer is aiming to be a part of this dynamic movement going forward, enhancing its Made in France distinctiveness to both the members of its own workforce and its customers.

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