Renault Trucks : the only place to go to cut consumption

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Renault Trucks : the only place to go to cut consumption

Renault Trucks announces the launch of its Optifuel Workshops in France. These enable customers to benefit from fixed rate maintenance packages designed to reduce fuel consumption and offer the possibility of installing the manufacturer's latest fuel saving features on fleets that are already operational.

Having a truck with low fuel consumption straight from the factory is fine. Maintaining its low consumption performance throughout its operating life is even better. This is the purpose of the Optifuel Workshops launched by Renault Trucks in France. Carrying out regular and targeted maintenance of trucks ensures that their fuel consumption can be sustainably controlled.

The Optifuel Workshops launched in France offer solutions to reduce commercial vehicles' consumption throughout their operational lives. The aim is to make a vehicle already in service as efficient as possible in terms of consumption. To decide upon the measures to be taken, technicians from the Renault Trucks network carry out an analysis of data supplied by the Optifuel Infomax software which measures and analyses fuel consumption. Based on these results, several options are then available.

First of all, these concern adjustments to the chassis and the engine. The Renault Trucks technicians can carry out a check and adjustment of rig geometry and then that of the rocker arms. After this, depending on the vehicle concerned, they can offer their customers a specific set of tyres designed to save fuel, as well as installing and carefully adjusting deflectors.

But the role played by the Optifuel Workshops can be even more far-reaching. The technicians can modify the vehicle's parameters by adding various new consumption-reducing features. For example, the customer can have the Optiroll pack installed. This optimises use of the vehicle's inertia by means of its "controlled freewheeling" function to reduce fuel consumption by around 1%. Similarly, a vehicle's power mode can be deactivated or an automatic engine cutout added. All these measures will give a second lease of life to vehicles already in service and save fuel.

Available at more than 320 Renault Trucks service points in France, the Optifuel Workshops offering will gradually be extended to include other options designed to even further reduce the consumption of vehicles in service.

By combining Optifuel Workshops with truck maintenance carried out in line with Renault Trucks recommendations, using the manufacturer's original spare parts and the Renault Trucks Oils Fuel Eco range of lubricants, Renault Trucks' customers can be sure of sustainably maintaining their vehicles' low consumption performance.

For customers already taking measures to save fuel via technology (the Optidriver+ robotised gearbox, Optiroll, automatic engine shutdown, etc.), instruction in rational driving (handover, driver training) and performance monitoring tools (Optifuel Infomax and Optifleet) that are found in the Optifuel Solutions developed by Renault Trucks, the Optifuel Workshops offering is an opportunity for them to drive down their fuel consumption even further.

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