Explaining trucks to children

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Explaining trucks to children

After last summer's quiz, a booklet of games has now been produced for this year called Our trucky friends! designed to raise children's awareness of what goods transport is all about in an entertaining and educational way. It features two comic strip characters, Axel and Lolie, who guide 6–9 year-olds through their discovery of this world via games, stickers, pictures to colour and texts specially written for children.

The two characters Axel and Lolie are back again this summer in a new booklet of games called Our trucky friends! Aimed at 6-9 year-olds, this teaching aid covers the role trucks play in our day-to-day lives. By means of illustrations, spot the difference activities, pictures to colour, stickers and texts specially written for children, the brother and sister pair show 6 to 9 year-olds how important trucks and road transport are to everyday life for them and their parents. In the booklet, Axel and Lolie help children and their families learn to recognise different types of trucks in the street, understand why they are there and their usefulness to everyone.

At this age, children have a real thirst for knowledge, they are very curious and therefore particularly receptive to information, provided it is given to them in an appropriate manner. The children find it easy to identify themselves with Axel et Lolie and enjoy the games and the strip cartoon world presented in Our trucky friends!

3,000 copies of this booklet produced by Ello Editions, a subsidiary of Etcompagnie, have been printed with the Imprim’vert "green" printing label. At present, Our trucky friends! Is only available in French, but could be published in a variety of languages if the other countries in the Renault Trucks network decided to use it. It will be distributed wherever opportunities to meet young people in France may occur. For example, this could be during tradeshows, open days or truck racing events such as those held at Magny-Cours or Le Mans.

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