Well-being in the workplace : a fitness centre at Renault Trucks

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Well-being in the workplace : a fitness centre at Renault Trucks

After having been one of the first companies in France to offer its staff a concierge service or a crèche, Renault Trucks is now doing even more. The company has just opened a Fitness Centre at its Lyon site to promote physical activities and relaxation for its workforce.

Continuing to strive for its workforce's well-being, Renault Trucks has just opened a Fitness Centre at its Lyon site. Open five days a week from 12:00 to 14:00, this facility is open to all staff members. Various types of activities are available at an attractive price to meet everyone's aims and wishes. Furthermore, a qualified coach is on hand to organise and lead group courses. Some are designed to play an "energising" role, such as stepping or body sculpting, while others are designed for relaxation, such as stretching or muscular development, the latter recommended to combat back ache. For those who prefer to work on their own, eight fitness machines are available for them to organise their own "training" programme. All those taking part have the possibility of carrying out an individual "fitness check" and then follow a training programme designed to meet their particular needs.

Furthermore, before or after their sessions, staff members can have lunch at the two on-site company restaurants, which have prepared special "Energy" and “Fitness" menus for them, as an ideal means of complementing their sporting activities.

With this Fitness Centre, Renault Trucks is offering much more than an area devoted to sporting activities. It is a place where all staff members can enjoy coming together and meeting each other. As 39 year old Chrystelle, who has been coming to the centre regularly since it opened, explains, "It's an opportunity to meet up with former colleagues who have moved on to other departments and get to know new ones." As far as the activities available are concerned, she is delighted: "I’ve been taking advantage of the various things on offer from the beginning, to get the most out of it!" she asserts. "I particularly enjoy being able to choose the exercises I do so that I can manage the session for myself. I also get a lot out of the group courses."

Open to everyone, the Fitness Centre appeals to those of all ages. Marcel, aged 53, sees this as an opportunity to get back into physical form: "This place has really made me want to take up a sporting activity again! After spending several hours in front of a computer screen, this gives me the chance to wind down a bit. Furthermore, the Fitness Centre is located where I work and I can get there using the company shuttles, so it's a lot easier than if I wanted to do this kind of thing off the premises." There are over 150 staff members like Chrystelle and Marcel who regularly take advantage of the Fitness Centre, and the numbers signed up to take advantage of it have been steadily growing since the opening.

This Fitness Centre is in line with the overall approach Renault Trucks has adopted for several years that seeks to improve its staff members' well-being and strike the right balance between their working and private lives. Reflected by initiatives such as setting up a concierge service and a company crèche, as well as a Stress Observatory and carrying out personalised social audits, these moves are designed to make human considerations one of f the company's core concerns.

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