The Premium Long Distance : leading the field for fuel savings in Hungary

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The Premium Long Distance : leading the field for fuel savings in Hungary

Consuming two to three litres of fuel less than the other vehicles in their fleet, Szemerey Transport Zrt. (Hungary’s leading domestic haulier) appreciates the undeniable advantage offered by the Premium Long Distance. After an initial delivery of 25 tractors in 2011, it reasserted its confidence in the vehicle by ordering an additional 25 units.

"Tests have enabled us to observe that the Renault Premium Long Distance tractor's consumption is 2-3 L lower than that of its rivals under actual operating conditions," explained Lóránd Szemerey, president and CEO of Szemerey Transport Zrt., the leading national haulier in Hungary as he was presented with the keys of its 25 new 460 hp Premium  Long Distance vehicles. "This means a huge saving for a fleet as big as ours," he added. Indeed, fuel accounts for the largest part of the fleet's operating costs, in the region of 4 billion HUF a year (around €13 million).

A long-standing partner of Renault Trucks, this Hungarian haulage company operates a fleet of 650 vehicles, over 50% of which are Renault Trucks models. In 2011, the company had already replaced some of these with Premium Long Distance vehicles. "The downturn taught Hungarian company managers that efficiency can be, and must be, increased even at times when we believe our company is performing well overall," Lóránd Szemerey stated during the key presentation ceremony. "It is obvious that hauliers will be interested in making their fleets more cost efficient."

When he wanted to replace another part of his fleet, it was natural for the Hungarian haulier to first of all think of Renault Trucks and its Premium Long Distance offering.

The keys to the red or white vehicles, parked in a neat line for the ceremony, were presented by Philippe Gorjux, Renault Trucks' vice president for Central and Eastern Europe. In his address, he also stressed the importance of the services which vehicle purchasers can take advantage of.

This comment referred to the fact that Szemerey Transport Zrt. purchased the vehicles with financing provided by Renault Trucks Financial Services (RTFS) and also signed a comprehensive five year maintenance contract, invoiced according to distances travelled. This maintenance will be carried out by Delta-Truck Kft., one of the largest repair workshops operated by the Renault Trucks network in Hungary. Furthermore, the consumption and performance of the customer's Premium Long Distance vehicles will be preserved over time thanks to the training in rational driving that the haulier's drivers will be able to benefit from as part of the Optifuel Programme.

The company's business mainly concerns transport and distribution within the country's borders. It has 10 warehouses throughout the country. But in order to fully satisfy its customers' needs, the haulier has now decided to add international transport to its portfolio of services, an activity in which its new Premium Long Distance vehicles will be able to demonstrate their superior performance to the full.

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