Nine new Kerax vehicles for polish fire-fighters

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Nine new Kerax vehicles for polish fire-fighters

Renault Trucks recently delivered nine new Renault Kerax to Polish fire-fighters. These were 430 hp 18 t Kerax 4x4 vehicles with reinforced axles and a heavy chassis capable of carrying greater loads. This delivery follows an international invitation to tender issued by the Polish Government as part of its "Fire-fighting force security strengthening project" jointly financed by the European regional development fund.

As a result of increased traffic levels and the high number of road accidents in Poland, the Polish Government has launched a programme designed to improve fire-fighting force efficiency. This drive is part of the "Fire-fighting force security strengthening project", which is being co-financed by the European regional development fund. An initiative leading to this delivery of nine new Renault Kerax vehicles which will be added to the fire-fighters' existing fleet.

The fire-fighters chose the Kerax for its high load capacity and easy body mounting. This has been made possible by its reinforced axles and heavy chassis, allowing it to be fitted with every kind of body from tankers to ladder assemblies and fire pumps or equipped as Rapid Intervention Vehicles, thereby meeting fire-fighting teams' every need. It is an 18 t vehicle with a wheelbase of 4,495 mm and a cab with three independent seats. It is fitted with a 430 hp DXi11 engine and an automatic gearbox.

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