The Renault Kerax XTREM comes to Europe

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The Renault Kerax XTREM comes to Europe

After being sold on international markets, the Kerax XTREM is now coming to Europe in an 8x4 rigid version. This vehicle, particularly suitable for mining applications and building materials haulage, has been designed to carry heavy loads in challenging environments over rough terrain. The Kerax 8x4 XTREM is available at a power rating of 430 to 460 hp with a DXi 11 Euro V engine or 480 and 520 hp with a DXi 13 Euro V engine.

The Renault Kerax XTREM, developed from a Kerax with a Heavy chassis, is designed for heavy payloads and the toughest construction work. 2,000 of these vehicles have already been sold on international markets since 2007. It offers a concentration of the most resilient reinforcement solutions available to give customers all the robustness they need. The 8x4 version, which is now coming to Europe, is particularly suitable for mine and quarry working applications.

With this vehicle, Renault Trucks is offering a high-performance and cost efficient transport solution made possible by the vehicle's tried and tested reliability and its low fuel consumption. The Kerax 8x4 XTREM is ideal for carrying heavy loads on off-road assignments and capable of handling the most extreme conditions, particularly during bad weather and on hard to access sites.

This is because the Kerax 8x4 XTREM comes with all the features essential for challenging tasks as standard. These include a chassis reinforced by double side members running from the engine to the very end of the rear overhang, by suspension strengthened with four parabolic springs and by a consolidated drive axle with a load capacity of 36 tons.

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