A project for optimising workflow at the Renault trucks bourg-en-bresse plant

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A project for optimising workflow at the Renault trucks bourg-en-bresse plant

On Wednesday, 21 March, a meeting was held at the Renault Trucks Bourg-en-Bresse (Ain) plant, bringing together representatives from the Government, the Region and the Ain Département for the signing of agreements to launch the OptiFlux+ joint project which will involve six partners working with Renault Trucks.

On Wednesday, 21 March, Philippe Galli, Prefect of the Ain Département, Jean-François Debat, vice president of the Rhône-Alpes Regional Council and Mayor of Bourg en Bresse and Rachel Mazuir, president of the Ain General Council, signed the agreements allowing the project to be initiated with Olivier Vidal de la Blache, director of EMEA Global Trucks Operations within the Volvo Group, as well as the manufacturing and academic partners of the Optiflux+ project at a meeting attended by Mickael Bratt, Executive Vice-president of the Volvo Group. This joint project has been awarded labels by the Viameca and Plastipolis competitive clusters and selected to be one of the candidate beneficiaries of the 12th Interministerial Fund.

Optiflux+ aims at using innovative concepts to optimise physical and information flows between suppliers and the prime contractor (Renault Trucks), while at the same time guaranteeing workstation safety and ergonomics, as well as product quality. It brings together six partners who will be working with Renault Trucks: Mecacorp (supplier of cab and bodywork equipment), Piroux Industrie (metalworking) and 2MCP (design and integration of workshop dollies), as well as the Grenoble National Polytechnic Institute (Grenoble INP), the French Institute of advanced mechanics (IFMA) and the Saint-Etienne National Engineering School (ENISE). "Faced with the complexity and technical nature of manufacturing flows, combining our intelligence in this close collaboration between manufacturers and academics will allow our various production plants to improve their performance and thereby guarantee our companies' future," explained Olivier Vidal.

The project, which will last four years, has a total budget of €5.7 million, including €2.2 million in subsidies from the French Government, the Rhône-Alpes Regional Council and the Ain General Council. Each one of the financiers praised the multiple aspects of this joint project, which Rachel Mazuir sees as a demonstration of, "the dynamic drive shown by manufacturers in the Département, the region's undisputed leader for export volume per head of the population."

Jean-François Debat then stressed the important role played by innovation in products facing fierce world competition and processes that will guarantee manufacturing performance, while at the same time giving workstations a more human dimension. He reasserted his support of the Renault Trucks plant at Bourg-en-Bresse, "the lifeblood of its catchment area". As Philippe Galli observed, "the downturn taught us how to adapt and help each other and led to the Government and manufacturers seeing each other from a different standpoint. I am delighted I can now help manufacturers and educational partners develop their synergies."



Picture 1: (from left to right) Jean-François Debat, Olivier Vidal de la Blache, Philippe Galli, Rachel Mazuir, M. Aubry, M. Piroux, et M. Marlinge (standing up)

Picture 2: (from left to right) Jean-François Debat, Olivier Vidal de la Blache and Philippe Galli.


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