10,000 maintenance packages sold in Algeria

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10,000 maintenance packages sold in Algeria

Leader in Algeria with a market share of over 50% for European vehicle sales, Renault Trucks has deployed all its product and service expertise on this market. “All-inclusive" maintenance packages were first introduced in the country during May 2010 to enable customers to pre-plan their servicing and avoid breakdowns. The manufacturer has just celebrated the sale of its 10,000th maintenance package in the Algerian network.

The "all-inclusive" maintenance and preventive check packages are available throughout the Renault Trucks network. The content of these packages is clearly described and associated with a pre-determined price. These enable customers to pre-plan their servicing operations and avoid breakdowns.

Renault Trucks Algeria has just sold the 10,000th package of this type. Attracted by the many advantages they offer, the country's major haulage and construction companies have demonstrated the confidence they have in the services provided by Renault Trucks. They see these servicing packages as means of guaranteeing the profitability of their investment.

Each package includes a preventive check to detect any anomaly which may develop into a malfunction or breakdown. This is therefore an optimised service package including labour, Approved Parts replacements, and pre-defined prices as well as all necessary vehicle tests and checks.

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