The new director of Renault Trucks France aims to stregthen the manufacturer's leading position

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The new director of Renault Trucks France aims to stregthen the manufacturer's leading position

Heinz-Jürgen Löw, President of Renault Trucks, has just appointed Dominique Pollien head of Renault Trucks France. The new Managing Director aims to increase the manufacturer's market share by means of a highly competitive offering, particularly with regard to fuel consumption and the professionalism of a network sharply focused on service-driven customer satisfaction.

Dominique Pollien has just been appointed Managing Director of Renault Trucks France by the Renault Trucks CEO, Heinz-Jürgen Löw. He reasserted his ambition to strengthen Renault Trucks' position as a leader. "To increase our market share, we have to win over customers one by one," explains the new Managing Director of Renault Trucks France. "This means continuingly and increasingly satisfying those who are loyal to us, regaining the confidence of those who have left us and above all convincing those who, for the moment, work with our competitors." To win the confidence of new customers, there is only one solution - consistently provide a better solution for their needs. "Customers always put their economic interests first," he goes on. "It is therefore up to us to offer products and also services which will enable them to optimise their operating costs and stay competitive on their own markets." To reach these goals, Dominique Pollien is aiming to mobilise all available energies with a series of additional training programmes for the French network and setting them, as for his own teams, ambitious and clearly-defined objectives.

Aged 53, Dominique Pollien has more than 30 years' experience at Renault Trucks behind him. He spent most of his professional life developing the manufacturer's sales on new markets, particularly in the Middle East, Africa, Spain, then in Eastern Europe for almost 13 years and, most recently, in Turkey. It is with this same spirit of conquest that he aims to strengthen Renault Trucks' leadership position in France.  

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