The Access now available in an EEV version with enhanced safety

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The Access now available in an EEV version with enhanced safety

Initially launched in 2010, first of all in France and then in Italy, Spain and Benelux, the Access, Renault Trucks low entry cab vehicle designed for domestic refuse collection, has now been further improved. To more closely comply with local authorities' demands, it now benefits from an EEV engine as well as an anti-start system and a door extension to improve refuse collectors' safety. A training programme in economic driving specifically geared for refuse collection activities is also available as an option.

The latest addition to the Renault Trucks Distribution range, its Access low entry cab vehicle is now available in a EURO V EEV version with a 310 hp engine. The EEV standard (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) is currently the most stringent in terms of limiting polluting emissions from Diesel vehicles. Compliance with this standard is increasingly becoming a stipulation from local authorities in their invitations to tender for this type of vehicle designed for use in urban environments.

Furthermore, Renault Trucks is also introducing an anti-start system offering greater safety and guarding against theft or unauthorised moving of the vehicle when its driver is not at the wheel. This works by equipping the driver with a transponder which prevents the vehicle from being started if it is not detected.

To increase safety for refuse collectors in the course of their everyday work, new extended length doors have been fitted to the new version. These now cover the access step and prevent any inappropriate use of it. A feature of this kind has already been made compulsory in a number of countries.
Finally, Renault Trucks has extended the PTO options available for this vehicle, making it easier for bodybuilders to customise their bodies.  

The Access, a low entry cab vehicle designed for collecting domestic waste in urban environments has been available in France, Italy, Spain and Benelux for more than a year. During its first year in this emerging market, it has been very well received by local authorities. With its low entry cab that offers greater safety to refuse collectors, its architecture adapted for use in town centres, its tight turning radius and the possibility of opting for a version that is only 2.3 m wide, the Access should see its sales continue to grow in 2012.

Furthermore, to achieve even lower consumption, Renault Trucks offers its customers the possibility of instructing their drivers in economic driving via its "house" training programme, Optifuel Training. A specific module of this programme has been developed focused on refuse collection applications. This will enable driving teams to become better acquainted with their vehicle and be prepared to handle all types of situations. It will allow them to drive their vehicle more economically and with less stress, enhancing their efficiency and productivity.

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