A gastronomic spree from Munich to Paris - in a Magnum!

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A gastronomic spree from Munich to Paris - in a Magnum!

Because it is also celebrating its 20th anniversary, German trade magazine Transport wanted to link this landmark to the Renault Magnum's own anniversary. A team of its journalists therefore set out to pick up a number of regional French specialities on board this legendary vehicle.

Throughout the year, the Renault Magnum has been celebrating its 20th anniversary all over France and Europe. At the same time, the German trade press magazine "Transport", also in its 20th year, had the idea of joining forces with Renault Trucks to mark this event. As a result, a team from the magazine headed off to travel all over northern France aboard a 480 hp DXi 13 Euro V EEV Magnum on a quest for regional specialities. These were for the 2012 European Sustainable Transport Prize presentation ceremony. Organised by German publishers Huss-Verlag in Munich, this first edition rewarded the efficiency shown by Renault Trucks' Optifuel Solutions, focusing on its fuel saving potential. Several other partners were involved in this project: HS-Schoch produced the truck's covering, Schmitz Cargobull provided the refrigerated trailer and HT Hauser Trucks supplied the special anniversary vehicle.

After leaving Germany, the Magnum first of all stopped in Normandy at the port of Dieppe. With the English Channel as a backdrop, the fish market manager presented the Magnum's crew with freshly caught seafood. They then headed off towards the city of lights - Paris. As it travelled through the capital's busy streets, the specially decorated Magnum certainly attracted a lot of attention! But thanks to the driver's careful and smooth driving, he was able to blend in with the traffic flow and draw up in front of the Genin chocolate factory at the foot of Montmartre. The master chocolate maker himself came to present the travellers with some of his specialities for their German compatriots. After this delicious stopover, the Magnum went on to the Eiffel Tower to pose for a historic photo opportunity!

The team then got back on the road and drove towards Reims, the capital of champagne, where they loaded up with several... magnums of the famous wine. Before heading for Munster and packing several of its famous cheeses into the semitrailer, the Magnum and its Franco-German crew called in at Strasbourg, the headquarters of several European bodies!

At the end of their four day mission, bringing back a semitrailer well filled with French specialities, the Magnum travellers set off for the return journey to Munich, their minds full of memories and their taste buds fully alert!

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