2008 Truck Racing update: some fine performances and a winning strategy for Renault Trucks and Team Frankie

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2008 Truck Racing update: some fine performances and a winning strategy for Renault Trucks and Team Frankie

Progressing from 4th place in 2007 to 3rd this year, Team Frankie has completed a very fine truck racing season with the support of Renault Trucks. The 9 races have allowed us to gather some precious technical data, in particular on the DXi13 racing engine and, once more, have shown just how popular this sport is.

Last October, the Jarama Grand Prix in Spain marked the end of the 2008 truck racing season. Overall, the season was largely positive for Team Frankie, racing under Renault Trucks’ colours. With 459 points scored during the season, the team progressed again this year, finishing 3rd in the overall team rankings. The drivers, Frankie Vojtisek (Czech Republic) and Markus Altenstrasser (Austria) also improved their rankings by finishing 8th (vs. 10th in 2007) and 6th (vs. 11th in 2007) respectively. Also, the Austrian driver won first place in the “Sponsors Challenges” series.

The results apart, this was a great laboratory for the Renault Trucks engineers who prepared the DXi13 racing engine. It has been recognised as one of the best engines by many opposing drivers and teams, on account of its reliability and high performance. The precious information collected throughout the season will allow us to improve the engine still further.

Renault Trucks has been involved in truck racing since 2007 and each year the company has become more committed to Team Frankie. Since 2008, a semitrailer pulled by the new Magnum has been dedicated to Team Frankie Assistance. Apart from the transportation of engines and parts, it houses a special office in which the engine and chassis engineers analyse the data gathered through telemetrics. It is here that the different vehicle settings are decided during the races and technical adjustments developed throughout the season. As a technological showcase, truck racing is also an important vector of image. For Renault Trucks, it is an excellent way of getting close to customers, living their passion with them and promoting the brand’s series products. This year for example, several subsidiaries enjoyed an enormous immediate impact from truck racing with the launch of the new Magnum. The 9 Grand Prix this season were an opportunity to invite more than 3,300 customers and prospective customers. It should be noted also that the events were very well attended throughout the season, with an overall attendance of 505,000 spectators, reflecting an increase of around 14% compared to 2007.

Furthermore, the visitor numbers on the truck racing area on the Renault Trucks stand at the Hanover show demonstrated just how much the public love this discipline. The video game created for the occasion and the different simulators that the public could use to take on the Team Frankie drivers were a real hit with the public and journalists alike.

Interest is also keen on the internet. The www.renault-trucks.com/truckracing site scored over 20,000 hits in 5 months (against 15,000 in 6 months in 2007) and 35,000 page views. The pages dedicated to truck racing which are accessible via the “country” sites where Renault Trucks is present in the local language, recorded 15,000 hits compared to 1,700 in 2007. Finally, there are many videos and Grand Prix highlights on-line on video communities such as YouTube and DailyMotion.

Therefore, Renault Trucks intends more than ever to continue its commitment to Team Frankie and looks forward to seeing you all again next May for the opening of the 2009 season !

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